Do Jack Russell Terriers Shed?

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Although shedding is natural for most dogs, some breeds shed more than others. If planning to own a Jack Russell Terrier, knowing whether it sheds is vital, especially if you’re allergic to dogs. So, do Jack Russell Terriers shed?

Do Jack Russell Terriers Shed?

Jack Russell Terriers are moderate to heavy shedders depending on the coat type.

Although Jack Russell Terriers shed daily, they shed more heavily during autumn to give room for a thicker coat that will keep them warm during winter and shed again during spring to give room for a thinner coat that will help them regulate heat during summer.

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In most cases, shedding in a Jack Russell Terrier will also depend on the lifestyle, health condition, age, and grooming. The following are some factors that might make your Jack Russell Terrier shed more or less regardless of the shedding season.

Type of Coat 

Jack Russell Terriers can have three different types of coats depending on the gene combination. Regardless of the age or health condition of the dog, the different coats can affect the level of shedding as follows:

Smooth Coat

Unlike broken coats, Jack Russell Terriers with a smooth coat have no traced hair on the face, head, or body. The hair is short and, in most cases, lies in one direction even without brushing. Although the smooth coat looks impressive and seems easier to groom, it has the highest shedding level. 

Keep in mind that smooth coats are not soft even if they look sleek. Usually, dogs with smooth coats are not the best option for people with dog allergies due to their higher level of shedding.

Rough Coat

Generally, rough coats have opposite attributes to those of a smooth coat. The hair of rough-coated Jack Russell Terriers is typically longer than 1 inch and covers almost the entire body. The hair grows straight and in varying directions, making the dog look wiry and textured.

Although rough coats might be more challenging to groom than smooth coats, they have significantly lower shedding levels even during the shedding season. Typically, dogs with rough coats are the best choice for people with dog allergies due to their lower level of shedding. 

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Broken Coat

Broken coats are medium-sized and combine the rough and smooth coats’ attributes. In most cases, a broken-coated Jack Russell Terrier will have traced hair on its legs, head, face, and body. Typically, broken-coated Jack Russells are moderate shedders.


The level of shedding increases as the age of the Jack Russell Terrier advances. For instance, you might not even notice the shedding in puppies. On the other hand, you will notice a moderate shedding in adults and heavy shedding in seniors. 

Female Heat Cycle 

There might be unusual shedding when a female dog is in heat due to the sudden hormonal changes. However, the level of shedding due to hormonal changes is unpredictable and can range from moderate to heavy shedding.

How to Reduce Shedding in Jack Russell Terriers

Even if shedding is a natural process for Jack Russell Terriers, you might want to reduce it, especially if you’re allergic to dogs. Whether your dog sheds all-year-round or seasonally, the following tips can help to reduce the shedding. 

  • Brushing: Brushing can help loosen up the hair and minimize the overall shedding level. Consider brushing your dog for three to five minutes daily using a rubber brush or a rubber mitt.
  • Proper nutrition: Proper nutrition helps to ensure healthy skin, which, in turn, reduces the level of shedding. For instance, adding fish oil tablets to the dog’s diet can help to reduce shedding. 
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  • Avoiding frequent baths: Although regular bathing of your dog is advisable, overdoing it might take away the essential skin oils, leading to excessive shedding. Therefore, it is advisable to bathe your dog only once every 2 to 3 months.
  • Ensuring the dog is hydrated: Although many people overlook the amount of water a dog drinks, it directly impacts skin health and the overall level of shedding. For instance, dehydration leads to dry skin, weak hair follicles, skin irritation, and shedding. Typically, you can reduce the shedding by ensuring the dog is hydrated 

Related Questions 

Can Coconut Oil Stop My Jack Russell Terrier From Shedding?

Coconut oil can help reduce a Jack Russell Terrier shedding even if it can’t completely stop it. Usually, coconut oil reduces shedding by promoting skin moisture and health, as well as  reducing skin irritations that cause excessive shedding. 

What Is Making My Jack Russell Terrier Suddenly Shed Excessively?

The main cause of a sudden and excessive shedding in Jack Russell Terriers is parasite infestation such as mite, lice and fleas. Other health conditions that might cause unusually heavy shedding include cancers, immune diseases, fungi infections, dermatitis, and ringworm.

Final Thoughts 

Jack Russell Terriers can be moderate or heavy shedders depending on their age, type of coat, skin health, and level of grooming. Although you can help reduce the shedding by brushing and feeding the dog a nutritious diet, you can expect them to shed heavily during the shedding seasons.