What Bed to Choose for a Bull Terrier?

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Sleep and relaxation are important to promote growth in your Bull Terrier. To be able to sleep according to the amount of time that they need to, they should have the right bed and the right space at home. There are things to consider to know what bed to choose for a Bull Terrier.

What Bed to Choose for a Bull Terrier?

Bull Terriers are very strong and energetic dogs and if their bed is easy to tear and can’t carry their weight, it will not last long. In addition to that, a bed that is low quality can also cause harm to your Bull Terrier. Your Bull Terrier’s personality will tell you what bed to choose.

For your Bull Terrier to be able to have a long and comfortable sleep after a long and happy day, it needs a comfortable bed to rest. The best bed that you can give your Bull Terrier is the one that is made so that they can sleep comfortably in their favorite position.

Close up of the lower half of a dog face down in bed

You should know what kind of bed your dog needs and consider your dog’s condition as well.

Does a Bull Terrier Need a Bed?

There are several reasons why you should consider buying a bed for your Bull Terrier. It will not only be for their comfort, but it can also develop discipline and a sense of belongingness as well. It is also necessary that you train your Bull Terrier to sleep in its own bed as early as possible.

Here are the reasons why a Bull Terrier needs a bed:

  • A Bull Terrier can feel less anxious if it has its own place and bed to go to. It will feel more secure and at home in its own bed.
  • If your Bull Terrier is already a senior, it will experience more joint problems and an orthopedic dog bed can help alleviate the pain. They need not climb onto and off your bed, couch, and chairs.
  • A Bull Terrier recovering from an injury or surgery can feel more comfortable in a supportive bed.
  • If your Bull Terrier is suffering from patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, and other joint problems, need a supportive bed to prevent sores and further injury.
  • Having their own beds means they can also minimize leaving fur and dander all over the house, including your bed and couches.
  • Your Bull Terrier will not smell so bad if he has a clean bed to sleep on.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bed for a Bull Terrier

Now that you know why your Bull Terrier needs a bed, it’s time to know the characteristics of a bed that is suitable for your dog. Here are some considerations that you should take note of when choosing a bed for a Bull Terrier.

Bull Terrier

Comfortability and Coziness

A Bull Terrier at any age needs to be comfortable in its bed. They need a bed where they can rest and feel cozy. An adult and senior Bull Terrier need specific dog beds. They need a bed that can ease the pain in their bones and joints while sleeping.

Proper Insulation

The weather and the seasons are changing and your Bull Terrier’s bed still needs to provide proper insulation and warmth as necessary. A bed that can provide warmth during cold weather and can also be used during hot weather is a perfect choice. 

A properly insulated bed can prevent them from having respiratory diseases, such as pneumonia, during the cold season. Sleeping on the floor is not advisable during those times.

Durability and Sturdiness

A standard Bull Terrier can weigh up to 75 pounds and they need a sturdy bed to keep them safe. Make sure that the bed that you will buy for your dog is made of durable materials that can handle their weight. This is to prevent the bed from getting broken easily.

The fabric of the bed should be easy to wash and does not run easily. Do not settle for a cheap and replaceable bed for your Bull Terrier. They can easily rip that bed to pieces and instead of saving a penny, your expenses may be doubled because of the need to buy a new one.

Availability of Size

A Bull Terrier is a medium-sized dog. They should have a bed that can fit them well and can handle whatever position they want to sleep in. Usually, a Bull Terrier can fit in the large size of a dog bed. Look at the available measurement and measure the length of your dog as well, make sure it is bigger than their crate.

Bull Terrier curled up in bed

If your Bull Terrier is still a puppy, choose a bigger size of bed that it can use for a longer time. Puppies tend to grow faster and they will easily outgrow a small bed.

Matches Your House

Choose a dog bed for your Bull Terrier that adds beauty and cleanliness to your home. Make sure that you have a space where to place the bed. Always clean that area to prevent a foul smell and allergies on your dog and to the people in the house.

Your Dog’s Preference

Know the preferences of your Bull Terrier before choosing a bed for it. Does it spend most of its nap time on the couch or on the floor? Does it prefer to coil itself up or sleep in a superman pose?

Sometimes the answer will also depend on the weather and the condition of your Bull Terrier.

Observe it carefully when it sleeps. What are its usual positions and preferences when it comes to surfaces, then come up with a choice. As much as possible, the bed should not be too big nor too small for your Bull Terrier so that it can still be comfortable whatever napping position it likes to do.


A bed that you should choose for your Bull Terrier should be comfortable, durable, can stand whatever weather you’re in, and can accommodate the size of your dog. Choose a high-quality bed for your Bull Terrier to avoid accidents and to make sure that your dog is secure and feeling at home.