Bull Terrier Price

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When it comes to breeds, there are a lot of factors that can influence their price. If you are searching for one, you might wonder about the Bull Terrier’s Price and its characteristics.

Bull Terrier Price

The Bull Terrier is a medium-sized dog with small, triangular-shaped eyes, small, pointy ears, and an egg-shaped head. Its predecessors, the Bulldog and the Terrier were influential for their head form. The combination of the Bulldog’s large jaws and the Terrier’s long snout led to the bulky-long face of Bull Terrier.

A white Bull terrier puppy on the lap of his owner wearing ripped jeans

Because of their high energy level, Bull terrier requires a lot of exercise. They are also physically strong and powerful puppies. Contrary to popular belief, this does not mean they are aggressive or territorial; rather that they are just physically stronger than other dogs.

In fact, Bull terriers are very playful, energetic, and loving dogs, which is why they are considered to be good family pets. Of course, they might be too physical when it comes to playing, so proper caution is recommended around children.

Bull Terrier Price Factors

When it comes to price, the cost of a Bull Terrier’s puppy ranges from $800 to $2500, as it is influenced by factors like your location. There can be some areas where the dog is more expensive and others where they are cheaper. This is dictated by how many breeders there are in the area and how much demand there is for the pups.

In other words, the less demand for one dog, the cheaper it will be, and vice-versa. Therefore, if there are no breeders in your state, there will be a lot of demand, increasing the price. Here you can see the other factors that can highly influence the Bull Terrier’s price.


If the BT (Bull Terrier) has been mixed with other dogs in the past, this one will become cheaper than others. Purebred puppies are more desired due to the prestige they carry when it comes to shows and professional canine events.

To check if the puppy you buy is pure, you must check the documentation and pedigree provided by the breeder. Also, it is important to check if the breeder is trustworthy or not.

Socialization and Training

If the BT is not trained and has bad behavior, it will be sold cheaper than others. This is because some puppies can be born with aggressive tendencies, and they need to be properly socialized and trained. This, of course, takes time and effort, which is why trained puppies are more expensive.

Bredeer’s Reputation

As I mentioned before, you need to check if the breeder you intend to buy the pup from has a good reputation. Due to their increased credibility and respect, the most renowned breeders in your area will increase the price of their BTs.

On top of that, the best breeders invest more time, money, and effort into breeding their puppies. Therefore, their price is more expensive.

Health Tests

A good breeder will always vaccinate their BTs before selling them. On the same hand, some of them run extra examinations on them. This way, they can find out if they have any disease, or condition that can affect them. These extra studies translate into more expensive dogs.

Here you can see some of the tests your dog should have before buying.

  • Full blood count, fecal, and hormone testings
  • Heartworm preventatives
  • Preventions for salmonella, leptospirosis, streptococcus, bordetella, and helicobacter
  • Kennel cough tests and treatments
  • Lyme disease tests
  • Parvovirus diagnostic tests
  • Canine parvovirus, hepatitis, distemper, and rabies vaccines
A black and white Bull terrier wearing a purple coat and sitting on a bench


Since many owners want a recently-born BT, they become much more expensive than others. For instance, an 8-month-old BT will be way cheaper than an 8-week-old one. In other words, the older the dog, the cheaper will be. This is because owners like the idea of raising them from a very young age, this way they can teach them a lot of tricks.

However, this is a common misconception as old dogs can still learn tricks. While it might take longer for them to learn, they can still do it. Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried about getting an older dog. If you know how to use the positive reinforcement method correctly, you can teach them tricks.


The history dogs build by participating in shows and events makes their puppies cost more. For instance, if a female BT has won many prizes and shows in the past, their puppies will be expensive. This is due to the thought of the puppies being as successful as their parent. This possibility makes them much more expensive than others.


Since female BTs can get pregnant and bear pups, they are more expensive than male dogs. After all, owners often sell the dogs that are born and get profit from them. However, these puppies will not be sold as expensive, in the end, they are not being marketed by a known breeder.

Bull Terrier Cost of Ownership

When you buy a Bull Terrier, you are agreeing to take care of all of its needs, especially its high energy level. As a result, you will need to feed, play with, and even exercise them daily. This involves taking several daily walks, scheduling vet visits, and training them. While this doesn’t cost money, it costs a lot of time.

Additionally, you must spend over $200 to visit the vet if the dog becomes ill. Then, even though breeders will give the dogs all of their vaccines before selling them, you must give booster shots. Depending on the veterinarian, this will cost between $50 and $100.

When the dog is old enough, it can be neutered or spayed, which will stop them from becoming pregnant (or from getting a dog pregnant). Generally, depending on the veterinarian, this costs between $100 and $500. The final step is to purchase everything a dog needs, which can cost up to $1,000 the first time. Here are the main things you need to buy.

  • Food and water containers
  • Food and treats
  • Toys and training items
  • Bed and crate
  • Leash and chest plate
  • Grooming and hygiene items
  • Poop bags and poop scooper
  • Microchip
  • Health Insurance

Bull Terrier Characteristics

The BT is a loyal and protective breed; they will always guard their loved ones. On top of that, they have a wide variety of colors and patterns, and some of them are rarer than others. This rarity makes them more valuable in the eyes of some owners. For instance, white Bull Terriers with black spots on their eye are very demanding.

When it comes to their coat, they have very short and flat hair, which makes it much easier to groom. This, of course, makes it less expensive than other breeds that have longer hair. Also, they don’t often bark, making them great for medium-sized houses and apartments.

Though, if not properly socialized, BTs may become territorial over other dogs. For example, if your BT has never interacted with other dogs, they may react unexpectedly to them. This is why it is important to socialize and train them at an early age. Numerous breeders do this, and as a result, their puppies are more expensive.

Rarest Color

Bull Terriers have over 20 colors, including black, white, red, fawn, and brindle. However, the rarest colors, and the ones that people are willing to pay more for, are the solid black and tri-colored. This is because it is very hard to find a BT fully covered in black, with only their chests covered in white.

At the same time, only 1 in 50 Bull Terriers is tri-colored. Therefore, they are very rare. This combination often happens with black, white, and brown.

Guard Dogs

Since BTs have great strength, loud bark, and good agility, they are able to be trained as guard dogs. On top of that, they have a natural instinct of protecting their family and loved ones. Therefore, they can do a great job when it comes to guarding them.

Do not confuse this with aggressiveness, although they can protect fiercely, they are very obedient and loyal. This means that if they are trained properly, they will not get aggressive. Of course, if you want a professionally-trained BT, you would need to pay more for it.

Where to Get a Bull Terrier

If you’re considering buying a BT, you should contact a renowned breeder in your location. Remember to make sure the breeder is reliable by researching them first. Also, don’t forget that if you want a BT with a prestigious pedigree, you must pay more than expected.

On the other hand, if you want a rescued BT, you can look for a shelter that focuses on these dogs and adopt one. BTs are available for adoption in numerous shelters in the USA, after all, people have an incorrect perception of these dogs. Many believe that they are too aggressive and territorial to be petted.

This is not true, as they can be very lovable family dogs. However, there are people who train these dogs for the wrong purposes, making them aggressive. This makes many owners afraid of this breed, while, in reality, they are full of love. If you treat and train your dog properly, there will be no problems.

A Bull terrier with white and brown coating wearing a collar while walking in the woods

Bull Terrier Breeder vs Rescue

When it comes to purebred BTs, the only remarkable difference is their documentation, pedigree, and great lineage. This might ensure some owners that their puppy will have great skills for shows. That’s why a purebred dog might be able to compete in professional canine events.

However, that is the only difference between a purebred BT and a rescued one. When talking about their personality and overall health, they are the same. Therefore, if you don’t mind getting a BT without a pedigree, you can always adopt one.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Bull Terrier

Are Bull Terriers Good Pets?

Yes, Bull Terriers are considered to be great pets for families. This breed is unaffectionate, loyal, playful, and doesn’t bark often. This makes it a great dog for medium-sized households. However, the only downside is that it can be territorial around other dogs.

Also, since they play very rough, it is always recommended to have caution when children are around the dog.

Is Bull Terrier a Pitbull?

No. While they might be slightly similar, Bull terriers are not considered pit bulls. The BT is smaller both in height and weight. Also, it has a very particular egg-shaped head that pit bulls lack. One of their only similarities is that they were used as fighting dogs in the past.

Is Bull Terrier a Fighting Dog?

No, Bull Terriers are not fighting dogs. Although Bull terriers were bred to be fighting dogs in the past, this doesn’t apply to the present. Also, they are not naturally aggressive, so you don’t have to be scared of them.


There are a lot of elements and factors that influence the prices of a breed, especially if you want a purebred. In this case, Bull Terriers are considered an affordable breed due to their low maintenance cost.