Are Boston Terriers Good With Kids?

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Are Boston Terriers good with kids? Whether you have young children or older ones, this post is for you. If you’re thinking of getting a Boston Terrier and are wondering if Terriers are safe with kids, keep reading to learn more. 

Are Boston Terriers Good With Kids?

Yes, Boston Terriers are good with kids because of their friendly personalities. These dogs love children and make a great playmate for them. Although they are small, they can’t get knocked down by kids. 

As long as Boston Terriers have been trained and socialized well, they’re the best companions for kids. What’s more, they are non-aggressive while their high energy levels make them perfect for playing with kids as they tend to be hyperactive. 

Boston Terrier sitting beside its owner while writing

What Makes Boston Terriers Good With Kids

Boston Terriers have a cheerful and playful personality that makes them good around children. These dogs also enjoy playing fetch, making them a great match for kids who love playing interactive games with puppies. 

Moreover, Boston Terriers don’t get too big as larger dogs can scare small children. They have an average height of 9-15 inches. Their loveable faces also make kids want to be friends with them instantly. With proper care, your children can have a loving and loyal companion. 

How to Introduce a Boston Terrier Puppy to Your Kids

It’s a good idea to present your dog to your kids, especially if it’s their first time owning a dog. This can also help your dog get to know your kids. It’s crucial to teach your kid how to approach your new puppy to reduce the risk of injuries. 

  • No matter how well your puppy interacts with your kids, let them know that some dogs may not like being touched.
  • Put your puppy on a leash the first time you’re presenting them to your kids to prevent sudden movements. 
  • Teach your kids how to approach the dog calmly because loud noises can scare the dog.
  • Be there every time you’re introducing the dog to your kids to prevent injuries.

Teach your kids not to annoy the dog while they’re eating and to ask for permission before touching them. This will teach your kids to respect dogs and in turn, keep themselves safe. 

How Does Boston Terriers Behave Around Kids?

Your kids may have different experiences with Terrier dogs depending on their age. Let’s find out more about this.

4 to 7 Years Old Kids 

Generally, Terriers have sweet dispositions and get along with kids. However, you shouldn’t allow your kids and the dog to spend time together if unsupervised. This is because there’s the risk of magnetization (an unhealthy attachment with Boston Terriers and other dogs). 

Boston Terrier being good with a kid and sleeping

Although Boston Terrier attacks are rare, this puts your kids at risk of getting attacked or bitten. Again, your dog is still an animal no matter how well they’re trained. You may not know what they’re thinking, making them unpredictable. 

Plus, Boston Terriers react to kids as minors and not as leaders. Now, I am not saying your kid and dog should not interact. Rather, there should be close supervision at all times.

7 to 10 Years Old Kids

As your kids grow up, allow more interaction between them and your dog. The risk of magnetization tends to decrease as your kid gets older. However, you still need to be careful because unhealthy attachments can develop even when your child is walking.

Note that Boston Terriers have energy levels to match kids of this age who rarely get tired. In fact, you may put your children down for a nap after running and playing around with the dog. 

Sometimes Boston Terriers can cause injuries because they have strong, sturdy bodies. So you should supervise your dogs and kids when playing. 

10 to 12 Years Old Kids

Once your children are above 10 years, they easily get along with your dog. However, at this age, your kids can injure the dog accidentally. To avoid injuries, train your kids on how to handle puppies. Although Boston Terriers aren’t aggressive, they can become hostile if they’re attacked. 

If your yard is fenced, allow your children to run around with the dog. They can also take the puppy for walks around the neighborhood to minimize the risk of obesity. However, you should accompany your kids to prevent them from being dragged down the street if the dog takes off.

Boston Terrier swimming with a kid

How to Train Boston Terriers With Kids

While most Boston dogs interact well with kids, you still need to teach your dog how to behave around children. Obedience training can help you control your puppy during playtime. Below are some helpful training tips.

  • Establish rules for your dog and kids like not allowing your dog to eat from your child’s plate and vice versa. Also, tell your children not to ride on the dog’s back or pull its tail or ears.
  • Teach your dog basic commands like sit down, come, leave it and stay before interacting with your kid. This helps your dog know that your children are in control.
  • Respect your dog’s feelings; don’t try to force them to play with your child, let it happen naturally.
  • Socialize your dog from an early age by introducing them to your kids regularly.
  • Use dog treats and positive enforcements whenever they get along with your kids.
  • Train your dog not to jump on children.

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No, Boston Terriers don’t bite a lot. They only bite when they feel threatened to defend themselves.

Are Boston Terriers Easy To Train?

Yes, Boston Terriers are easy to train as they’re very intelligent. While house training them could seem difficult, regular training can help avoid fighting with other dogs.

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Boston Terriers get along with kids of different ages. No matter your child’s age, a period of socialization is recommended to allow your dogs and kids to interact with each other before spending a lot of time together.

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