Boston Terrier vs Boxer

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How can you choose between the cute, squishy-faced of the Boston Terrier against the loving, snuggling personality of the Boxer? Beyond their adorable characteristics, both breeds share a lot of similarities and differences. If you’re a new or inexperienced dog owner, our guide on Boston Terrier vs Boxer will help you choose a dog that’s right for you.

Boston Terrier vs Boxer: General Overview 

Having enough knowledge about each breed is vital to make a better decision. Below is a quick overview to give you an idea of how each dog is, their personalities, how easy they’re to train, and their health issues. 


Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers are short-tailed, compact built, square proportioned, and clean-cut dogs. They weigh no more than 25 pounds and convey determination, liveliness, and style. These dogs have a short muzzle, large eyes that shine, and a square head. They also have a stylish coat with either black or white color.

Boston Terriers are playful and often move around rhythmically. However, they need proper care with plenty of exercises to stay healthy. They are easy to house train because of their submissive nature. What’s more, grooming them is easy because they do not shed a lot.

The American Gentlemen are like that best friend that you can take anywhere with you. They are always happy to do anything as long as they are with their human family.


Boxers are cheerful and friendly which means they can easily develop a good bond with humans. The name boxing dogs comes from the fact that they stand on their hind legs when involved in a fight (they were originally fighting dogs). Despite their reputation, these dogs are ideal as both companions and watch dogs because they’re courageous and intelligent. 

Granted, while they can be very stubborn, they’re eager to learn new tricks and please. They weigh between 60 to 70 pounds and stand from 21 to 25 inches. These dogs are well-built with square muzzles, black masks on their faces, and shiny short-haired coats of reddish-brown color.

Boxers retain much of their energy and need plenty of exercises to help them keep fit. They enjoy human contact and always demand attention in adorable ways. According to the American Kennel Club, Boxers are the 14th most popular dogs

Similarities Between Boston Terrier And Boxer

After considering each breed, I find that Boston Terriers and Boxers share some similarities in terms of: 

  • Grooming
  • Intelligence
  • Health Issues
  • Companionship
  • Trainability
Boston Terrier puppy playing in the grass

Both are Easy to Groom 

Both Boxers and Boston Terriers have short and smooth coats that don’t shed that much. Using a de-shedding brush daily reduces the shedding and helps keep your house free from dogs’ hair. You can use such tools as a Furminator to de-shed both breeds and keep their coats tidy.

Both are Intelligent

Both breeds are intelligent, alert, and always on the watch. They need dog toys to keep them busy and also make them have fun. Both easily adapt to new environments once you teach them what to do and what to avoid.

Health Issues 

Boxers and Boston Terriers are brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds that are not supposed to train in hot and humid weather. This is because they have difficulty breathing and are sensitive to this kind of weather. 

It is wise to avoid exercising with them during hot weather and keep your dog in a calm environment during these times. They are also prone to eye problems and bloating issues.

Companion Dogs

Both Boston Terriers and Boxers are companion dogs and like spending time with people. These breeds of dogs are ideal for people who can set time aside to spend with them. They get bored when alone. They can develop behavior issues when they have fewer energy outlets.


Boston Terriers and Boxers are quick learners. With gentle and consistent training, you will have these dogs behave like little humans. However, keep them away from harsh and sensitive training as this may affect their well-being.  

It is also good to find your dog’s right motivation in things like food, toys, and playtime. The training should start when the dog is still young; potty training and obedience should begin as you get the dog. Your home should also have enough dog toys and stuff to make it comfortable for them.

Differences Between Boston Terrier and Boxer

The main differences between the two breeds are in terms of: 

  • Exercise needs
  • Price
  • Size

Exercise Needs

Boston Terriers don’t require much exercise and can do just fine with a walk around your neighborhood. However, Boxers need more activity during the day. You will need to spend a lot of time exercising with a Boxer and take it for long walks so that it gets to use all the energy they have.

Boxer dog


Boxer dogs are significantly bigger than Boston Terriers. This is because a Boxer can reach up to 25 inches, and a Boston Terrier goes up to 17 inches tall. They also have different kinds of weight. A Boston Terrier weighs 25 pounds while a Boxer weighs about 70 pounds. This is important to consider if you’re living in a small apartment, for example

Main Distinguishing  Factor

The main distinguishing factor lies in their life span. A Boston Terrier has an average life of about 14 years, while a Boxer has a lifespan of 9 to 11 years. Small Boston Terriers have a longer lifespan than Boxer because larger breeds have a shorter life span than smaller ones.

When to Get Boston Terriers

Below are some of the reasons to get a Boston Terrier instead of a Boxer dog

When You Need a Dog that’s Easy to Exercise 

Boston Terriers don’t need so much exercise time and just walking around the neighborhood should be enough. While they are hyperactive by nature, you may not need as involved in exercising them as you would with Boxers.

When You Need a Quiet Dog

Boston Terriers are quiet dogs, and they hardly bark. This is great for people who like a calm environment and don’t like noisy dogs. The Boston Terriers make good dogs that one can live in an apartment or house with many people.

When to Get a Boxer

Boxer dogs are better than Boston Terrier in the following aspects: 

When You Want a Larger Watch Dog 

Boxers are large, weigh about 70 pounds, and grow up to 25 inches tall. They are bigger and better watchdogs than Boston Terriers. Therefore if you consider this aspect, you could prefer them.

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Final Verdict

While both dogs have traits that make them better for one person or another, I often recommend the Boston Terrier dog since it has a longer life span and is easy to manage in exercises. If you have more time to train and exercise your dog, you live in a big place or want a good watchdog, consider the Boxer, instead.

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