Boston Terrier vs Beagle

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Are you stuck between Boston Terriers and Beagle dogs? The two can be confusing since both are small breeds with almost the same height and weight. Therefore, it takes a little experience to tell them apart. This guide on Boston Terrier vs. Beagle will help you know the difference between these two dogs.

Boston Terrier Vs Beagle: General Overview 

Below is a quick overview of both Boston Terriers and Beagles. 

Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers have evolved to become gentle, affectionate companion dogs. They even earned the nickname the American Gentleman from their modest behavior. 

Beagle sitting in a grass

These purebred dogs are very affectionate and get along with anyone in the family. However, they need a lot of love and physical activity to have a perfect and healthy lifestyle.

Boston Terriers are some of the most intelligent dogs you will ever come across. However, they exhibit hyperactivity that sometimes makes them troublesome and frustrating. If you are an experienced dog keeper, you should not worry about this. They will calm down as soon as they realize that their behavior is making you uneasy.

Beagle Dog Breed

Beagles are small, compact, and hardy dogs that are perfect active companions for both kids and adults. They are merry and easy to fall in love with. However, being hounds, they require patience and creative training.

These dogs were initially scent hounds that hunters used to track small games such as hares. In fact, their smelling ability enables them to detect cancer in humans

While they still serve the same purpose in some countries, they are quickly turning to companion dogs in most families. This is mostly because they are a jovial, outgoing, and loving dog breed.

Beagles are not yappy dogs, and you don’t need to worry about the dog disturbing your peace when you want a quiet relaxing time. They have three different vocals, barks/growls, baying howls, and half baying howls.

The half baying howl is a combination of frantic bark and bay. They reserve it for two occasions: 

  • When they see a threat
  • At 6 am when they wake up

Similarities Between Boston Terriers and Beagles

Boston Terriers and Beagles dogs are not the same breed and may look different on sight. However, they have a few similarities in behavior and body structure.


The two breeds show similarities in their temperaments as they score high in overall friendliness. They are welcoming to all people in the family as well as kids and strangers. They are loving and love a lot of attention. Therefore, you can always count on their companionship at any time of the day.

Both dogs are also peaceful, gentle, and accommodative to other dog breeds, so you can always cohabit with them in your home. However, they both lose focus quickly and show significant levels of impatience.

Boston Terrier being cuddled to sleep

Health Issues

Both breeds are healthy, having few health issues. However, they can suffer from a few conditions when you fail to take good care of them. For these reasons, you must put them on a balanced nutritious diet and take them for regular veterinarian check-ups.

Energy Level

Both dogs have high energy levels and need regular exercise to contain. They also need proper specialized training to help keep their hyperactivity in check. 

Failure to contain their energy could make them stubborn and a nuisance in the homestead. The training is also a way to help them reduce or maintain their calorie accumulations.

Their hyperactivity also means that they do not spend much time sleeping.

Differences Between Boston Terriers and Beagle

While both are pure breeds and were previously used for hunting, these dogs show some apparent differences in terms of: 

  • Origin
  • Physical features 


Beagles originated in the 500AD in Greece. They served as scent dogs that hunters used to track small games in the wild. Boston Terriers, on the other hand, originated from the United States in 1870AD. They served as hunting dogs because of their strengths and agility.

Physical Features

Boston Terriers are bridle with white markings, brown and white or black and white in color. They are short and smooth dogs that weigh between 11 to 24 lbs. On average, they grow between 14 to 17 inches high.

On the other hand, beagles are orange, white, tricolor, lemon, and white or white and tan dogs that weigh between 20 lbs to 22 lbs. They can grow up to an average of 13 to 16 inches high when fully grown.

Main Distinguishing Factor

The main distinguishing factor between Boston Terriers and Beagles comes in their hunting abilities. Boston Terriers are rattle dogs that trust their pure instinct to locate prey. 

On the other hand, Beagles are hound dogs that use their power to recognize scent to find their game. This trait alone makes them a more superior hunter than Terriers. 

Beagle puppy

When to Get a Beagle

The following are conditions in which you might prefer Beagles over Boston Terriers

When You Want an All-Weather Dog Breed

Beagles are all-weather dogs that thrive in both warm and cold weather. They score better in this aspect than their Boston Terrier counterparts, which only thrive in warm conditions.

When You Want a Top Speed Hunting Dogs

Hunting dogs should be fast with better scent detection; in both aspects, Beagles reign supreme. They can reach top speed at 28 mph, while Boston Terriers can only go for 15 mph. They also have better scent detections, which means they are better positioned to detect prey than Boston Terriers.

When to Get a Boston Terrier

The following are instances when it’s best to have Boston Terriers

When You Need a Dog with Average Weight Gain Issues

Boston Terriers are less likely to become overweight than Beagles. They are generally easy to take care of when you want to watch their weight. A simple feeding plan with a little exercise routine is enough to have them maintain a perfect weight

Beagles, on the other hand, need more training and extensive exercise routines, so if you do not have that time, you can go with Boston Terriers.

When You Need a Yappy Agile Dog

While Boston Terriers can show some levels of calmness, they are generally supply and aggressive. Male Terriers are sometimes scrappy around other dogs. 

On the other hand, Beagles are calm and only use their three vocals when needed. They show below-average levels of aggression and are less likely to engage other dogs in fights.



While both breeds are intelligent and friendly, I find Beagles to be all-round. Like Boston Terriers, they possess great family values although they are better at hunting when you need hunting dogs. However, the dog you pick depends on your unique situation and personal preferences. 

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