Boston Terrier Price

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Buying a dog often requires a lot of research to learn about the breed. If you are currently searching for a dog, you might be curious about the Boston Terrier’s price, and its characteristics.

Boston Terrier Price

The Boston is a short dog who typically has a black and white coat, squared head, short muzzle, and big eyes. They are very cheerful and energetic dogs who love to play and exercise.

A black and white Boston terrier wearing a blue body harness while walking on a grass field

On top of that, Boston Terriers get along well with kids as they are neither aggressive nor possessive. Of course, this gets influenced by how you raise the dog.

This breed is one of the most versatile dogs as it can be cared for by young and old people. In addition to that, Bostons can get along well with other dogs in the house, especially if they are introduced at a young age. This way, they can get used to living with other dogs, and even cats.

When it comes to learning tricks, Boston terriers are an intelligent breed, therefore, they can learn commands pretty quickly. However, they can be petty, so if you tell them to sit and they don’t want to, they will simply not do it. All of these things are factors that influence the price of this dog.

Boston Terrier Price Factors

Boston terrier’s price has a wide range because of all of the factors that affect them. For instance, a male puppy with a weak bloodline will probably cost between $500 and $800.

On the other hand, a female puppy with a strong bloodline can cost from $1500 to $1800, or, if the lineage is very strong, it can even cost up to $4500.

Female pups are considered more expensive because they can get pregnant and get more puppies. However, all of this doesn’t truly affect the personality or characteristics of the dog. There’s no big change between a $500 dog, from a $4500 one, only the lineage.

Also, another price factor is the location. The price can change based on the state, or country you are located in. Some states don’t have many of these dogs, therefore, they are more demanded which makes them more expensive. Lastly, if the breeder socializes and trains their puppies, they will charge more.

Boston Terrier’s Cost of Ownership

When thinking of buying a Boston Terrier, you need also to consider the costs of maintaining said puppy. For instance, when it comes to these Terriers, the first thing you need to know is that they are a brachycephalic breed.

This means that they are prone to developing breathing issues due to their nose’s physiology.

Therefore, you will need to spend money on vet visits, which could cost from $150 to $300 each. Next, you need to give them booster vaccines, which cost between $50 to $200. Then, you need to think about neutering or spaying them, which is a procedure that can cost from $100 to $500.

Boston terrier with black and white coating wearing a red collar playing with a person at the park

Lastly, and more importantly, you need to buy everything that every dog needs. All of this can cost approximately between $900 to $1200. These things are:

  • Food and water bowls
  • Food
  • Toys
  • A bed
  • A crate
  • Leash and collars
  • A brush
  • Dog shampoo and nail trimmers
  • Fleas and ticks medications
  • Poops bags
  • A microchip

Boston Terrier’s Characteristics

When it comes to their personality, they are entertaining, playful dogs who can also be very stubborn. This is why as I mentioned before, breeders train them so they become less petty and stubborn before they are sold. This, of course, makes them more expensive.

Also, there are some Bostons who are bigger and heavier than others. Bostons weigh under 15 pounds, others between 15 and 20, and the heaviest weigh under 25 pounds. This affects the price depending on your location.

If you live close to small houses and apartments, people will want the small kind, increasing their price.

On the other hand, if you live close to a lot of big spaces with broad houses, people might prefer bigger Bostons, which can also increase the price.

Lastly, Bostons can have different colors: black, brown, red, and cream, the last ones being the rarest. This is why they can be more expensive.

Where to Get a Boston Terrier

When getting purebred Boston Terriers, you will need to look for very respectable and trustworthy breeders in your area. For instance, one of the most known breeders in the USA is T-BO Bostons.

On the other hand, you can always rescue these puppies from temporary homes such as the Northeast Boston Terriers Rescue, or the Boston Terrier Rescue Florida.

Boston Terrier Breeder vs Rescue

While breeders make sure your dog has a great lineage, this doesn’t affect the puppy’s personality or health. In fact, it doesn’t affect much other than their fur. According to the AKC, purebred Bostons should always be black and white, not brown, red, or cream.

A Boston terrier with black and white coating playing a green ball on the grassfield

Other than that, rescued Boston Terriers have all of the traits and attitudes that purebred ones have. Therefore, it is always recommended to rescue one from a shelter.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Boston Terriers.

Are Boston Terriers Lazy Dogs?

Although they are not considered lazy dogs Bostons are very energetic. However, they can get tired pretty fast. If you give them a walk every day and play with them with some toys, they will get pretty lazy after a while.

Why Do Boston Terriers Cost So Much?

These dogs can be expensive due to their rareness. Although there are a lot of breeders, there is also a lot of demand for the dog, making it more expensive. The more people want the dog, the more expensive and exclusive it gets.

Are Boston Terriers Worth It?

This breed is a very familiar and playful dog that can keep you company. Therefore, they are great dogs whether you have a large household, or you live alone. The only downside is that, since Bostons are brachycephalic, they can get a lot of health complications.


When it comes to the prices of dogs, these can be affected by a lot of elements such as your location, the dog’s color, and even their gender. In this case, Boston Terriers can be considered expensive dogs due to their characteristics.