Everything You Need To Know About Boston Terrier Bathing

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Bathing time can be a difficult event for most first-time Boston Terrier’s parents. For starters, you need to decide the right time to wash your pup since each dog is different. If you’re wondering how often you should wash your dog, here’s everything you need to know about Boston Terrier bathing.

Everything You Need To Know About Boston Terrier Bathing

Although most dog owners don’t like washing their Boston Terrier often, you should bathe your dog regularly to keep them smelling fresh and to maintain a clean coat. In this post, I’ll share with you the factors you should consider when deciding when to bathe your dog. 

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How Often Should You Wash Your Boston Terrier Dog?

Boston Terrier dogs should be washed every four to six weeks. That being said, some dogs can be washed every week when necessary while others can go up to eight weeks without a bath. However, you’ll have to use your judgment to decide the frequency that works for your Terrier dog.

If your dog gets itchy or starts to stink at around eight weeks, then you may have to wash it. The frequency may also change if your Boston spends more time outside, especially during the hot summer months. So it may require more frequent showers. 

Bear in mind that while Boston Terriers have short coats, they don’t have undercoats. So, avoid:

  • Unnecessary showers, they can deplete their natural oils (more on this shortly)
  • Washing your Boston Terrier with hot water
  • Using the wrong shampoo 

Factors That Determine Boston Terrier Bath Frequency 

Generally, Boston Terriers should be washed when they’re smelling bad, itchy or dirty. The frequency of bathing your dog depends on:

  • Climate: If you live in places with high or low temperatures, this can determine how often you will bathe your Boston Terrier. For instance, if you live in San Diego, you’ll probably need to wash your dog every two weeks. If you move to Seattle, you can wash the same dog every three to four weeks.
  • Activity Level: As a general rule, if your dog is very active and enjoys running outside on the beach, grass, or rolling in the dirt, it will need frequent showers. This is because your dog’s belly or paws are likely to get dirty when playing.
  • Skin Conditions: If your Boston Terrier has skin conditions such as allergies, you may have to bathe your dog daily depending on the severity of the condition. However, you should check with your veterinarian for a specific approach to their bathing routine. 
  • Age: Unlike adult Boston Terriers that require frequent baths, puppies should not be washed until when they’re 3 months old. This is because they spend most of their time sleeping or cuddling with you on your couch.
Boston Terrier

Note that unnecessary frequent showers at a high temperature or washing them too long with the wrong shampoo makes their skin and fur dry out. Unfortunately, these strips their skin the natural oils that keep their skin and coat healthy. 

It can also irritate their skin and result in a dull coat and itchy skin. If you see any negative changes in your dog’s coat or skin, adjust your bathing schedule. 

Importance of Bathing Boston Terriers

Apart from keeping your Boston Terrier clean, regular showers also give you the opportunity to examine their skin and coat. It also minimizes dog allergen levels and allows you to check for any irritation or rashes. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to notice skin conditions when they’re still in their early stages and seek treatment before they become severe. If you want your dog to enjoy the bathing process while checking their skin, massage conditioner or shampoo into their coat. This will make them feel relaxed. 

Boston Terrier Bathing Essentials

Before bathing your Boston Terrier dog, ensure you have the right products to keep your dog’s coat healthy and to make your job easier. Below are the products you’ll need:

Boston Terrier Shampoo

The shampoo you use can impact your Boston Terrier’s coat health. So use a shampoo that’s formulated for dogs instead of using human shampoo. The shampoo you choose can also depend on your dog’s individual needs and your preferences. 

Some Boston Terriers may require gentler ingredients like aloe vera or oatmeal for sensitive skin while others will be fine with any shampoo. If your dog has a skin condition, you may need to buy medicated shampoos. Also, go for shampoos with natural ingredients because harsh chemicals can cause skin irritations. 

Boston Terrier Rubber Brush

Rubber brushes are available in different sizes and shapes to allow you to pick a brush that fits in your hand comfortably. You can use these brushes before, after, and during baths. 

Boston Terrier

Using the brush during a shower can spread the shampoo and cleanse your dog’s coat. Using it before or after a bath can remove dead skin and hair before they shed, resulting in a healthy and shiny coat. 

Boston Terrier Conditioner

When it comes to conditioners, your options are endless. If your Boston Terrier needs an anti-itch or hydrating conditioner or has sensitive skin, your local pet store is likely to have plenty of choices. 

However, choose conditioners with no chemicals to avoid irritating your dog’s skin. Some conditioners make the coat take longer before drying, so skip such conditioners if it’s cold outside. 

How To Bathe Your Boston Terrier Dog

Before putting your Boston Terrier in the bathtub, assemble the products and tools I have mentioned above. This will ensure you don’t leave your dog’s side or give it an opportunity to jump out. Also, ensure you have the following:

  • Washcloth: For drying your dog’s ears, wrinkles and face. You can also use dog wipes that are free of harsh chemicals. 
  • Enough bathing space: You can either use a regular bathtub, laundry tub, or sink.
  • Jug: For pouring water on your dog.
  • Towel: For drying your dog’s face and body.
  • A Helper: Especially if it’s your first time washing your dog. 

Now, follow these simple steps to bath your Boston.

Step One: Brush Boston Terrier’s Coat Before Bathing

Before washing your dog, brush its coat first to remove dead skin. It’s also great to relax your dog using the rubber brush and soothing strokes with your hands. 

Step Two: Wet Your Boston Terrier Dog Thoroughly

After putting your Boston Terrier in the tub, pour water over its coat until the dog is wet. This makes spreading shampoo throughout their wet coat an easy task. However, avoid pouring water over their head to prevent water from getting into their eyes and ears. 

Materials needed for bathing Boston Terrier

Step Three: Apply Shampoo

Pour shampoo on your dog’s back and then wash the armpits, back, and under the neck. Next, wash the legs, belly, and groin. Also, do not forget the paws as they tend to collect a lot of dirt. 

Alternatively, you can opt to give your Boston Terrier a quick foot bath to clean their paws on days you don’t give them a full bath. Multiuse dog wipes are also great and can be used on their paws. 

Step Four: Rinse-Off the Shampoo Thoroughly

Thoroughly rinse the shampoo off your Boston Terrier. This is crucial for your pup’s skin health. Shampoo leftovers can irritate your dog’s skin if your dog suffers from itchy skin and cause redness. A good rule of thumb is to rinse one more time to remove any remaining traces of shampoo. 

Step Five: Wash Your Boston Terrier’s Face and Nose Wrinkles

After cleansing your dog’s body, wash its face. Since your dog’s skin folds can easily get infected, wipe the wrinkles and face using anti-bacterial dog wipes. 

When you’re done, dry the wrinkles and face with a soft, clean towel. Also, remember to dry the ears so that you can clean them after your dog is completely dry. 

Step Six: Dry Your Boston Terrier With a Towel

Use the rubber brush or your hands to wipe off excess water. Next, take the towel and pat dry your Terrier dog. If it’s during the colder months, keep the dog warm. 

Step Seven: Give Your Boston Terrier Some Treats

Finally, after drying your Boston Terrier, reward their good behavior and patience with healthy dog treats, lots of praises, and caresses. Besides getting your pup clean, the goal is to create a good experience that will make your dog enjoy being bathed. 

It’s essential for the dog to start enjoying water from an early age because they’ll be requiring occasional showers throughout their life. This will also prevent the dog from hating water and make bath time easier. 

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If your Boston is very active and loves to play or roll outside in the dirt, you should bathe them every week. However, if the dog doesn’t smell and enjoys relaxing on the sofa, then you don’t have to bath it regularly. Just wash it after two weeks.

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