Boston Bulldog vs Boston Terrier

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The Boston Bulldog and Boston Terrier are both popular with city dwellers because they adjust well to urban surroundings. However, it’s difficult to tell the difference when you see them walking side by side. I’ll tell you the variations and similarities of these two dogs in this Boston Bulldog vs Boston Terrier comparison.

Boston Bulldog vs Boston Terrier General Overview

Apart from the attractive appearance of the charming Boston Terrier and the lively Boston Bulldog, these two dogs have a lot in common. Keep reading to learn more about these adorable puppies.

Boston Bulldog

The Boston Bulldog is a compact dog that weighs between 20-35 pounds with a larger bone structure and a muscular build. However, females are slightly smaller than their male counterparts with their height being between 15-18 inches. They are also fast at picking up commands. 

Mix of Boston Bulldog and a Boston Terrier

These dogs are loyal and devoted to their handlers. Additionally, they have a smooth coat that can be fawn, black, brown, red, or white. Boston Bulldogs also enjoy getting involved in family activities as they are people-oriented. However, they aren’t playful and do not require that much exercise. 

They also don’t require a lot of grooming because they are low shedders. Boston Bulldogs are also bright, alert, athletic, and patient. However, they are prone to being overweight because they like consuming a lot of food.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers stand tall at 15-17 inches. They are also small puppies that weigh between 10-25 pounds. However, like Boston Bulldogs, female Terriers are a bit smaller than males. Additionally, Boston Terriers have a smaller bone structure with a leaner build. 

Their coat color is often black, brindle, white, or seal. These dogs also require minimal grooming as they shed moderately. When it comes to temperament, they are gentle, playful, friendly, and less aggressive. While they’re affectionate towards their owners, they don’t like joining them on a boat ride. 

Boston Terriers are also nice to be around as they are calm. They also make perfect playmates for your toddlers because they enjoy playing with children. Most dog owners also commend their ability to pick up cues quickly as they are fast learners. 

Boston Bulldog and Boston Terrier Notable Features

Understanding the similarities of these two dogs or what differentiates them from each other can help you choose a pet that’s right for your family


  • Health Conditions: Both dogs are at a high risk of developing certain health issues such as hip dysplasia, obesity, and glaucoma. 
  • Size: Both dogs are small although Boston Bulldogs are slightly bulkier and taller.
  • Sociability: Both dogs are people-oriented and love interacting with everyone.
  • Tails: Both dogs have short tails that are either screwed or straight.
  • Affection: Both dogs are loyal and loving towards their owners.
  • Adaptability: Both dogs adjust well to different lifestyle changes. 
  • Barking: Both dogs are quiet and only bark when it’s necessary.
  • Watchdog Ability: Both dogs are average watchdogs.
  • Grooming: Both dogs require minimal grooming. 
  • Trainability: It’s easy to train both dogs.
  • Territorial: Both dogs are average defenders.
Boston Terrier on a walk


Below is a table that summarizes the differences between these two types of dogs.

TraitBoston BulldogBoston Terrier
Height 15-18 inches15-17 inches
Weight20-35 pounds10-25 pounds
Coat colorsFawn, black, brown, red, or whiteBlack, brindle, white, or seal
Life Expectancy12-15 years13-15 years
Energy LevelsHigher energy levelsAverage energy levels
Exercise NeedRequire minimal exerciseRequire lots of exercise
Daily Food Consumption1-1½ cups of quality dog food½-1½ cups of quality dog food
Shedding LevelLow sheddersShed moderately
Playfulness Less playful Playful
Sensitivity Less sensitiveDon’t like noisy homes
Child FriendlyNot friendly to kidsFriendly to kids
GroomingRequire lots of groomingRequire minimal grooming
Dog friendlyNot often friendly to other dogsVery friendly to other dogs
Tolerance to weatherLikes warm weather conditionsTolerates cold and warm weather

Major Distinguishing Factors

The three major distinguishing factors between these two types of dogs are weight, height, and coat color. Boston Bulldogs are a bit bulkier as they weigh between 20-35 pounds while Boston Terriers weigh between 10-25 pounds. In terms of height, Boston Bulldogs can grow up to 17 inches on average.

On the other hand, Boston Terriers stand 15-17 inches tall and can be black, brindle, white, or seal. They also tend to gain more muscles as they are very active. Boston Bulldogs have a leaner build and are either fawn, black, brown, red, or white. 

Boston Bulldog

Another distinguishing factor is life expectancy. Boston Bulldogs have a longer lifespan as they can live between 12-15 years. Boston Terriers can only live between 13-15 years.

When To Get a Boston Bulldog

Boston Bulldogs like being babied and seeking attention. Although they get along with everyone, they easily get distracted and are very clingy. This dog can be a good choice if you like a puppy that doesn’t leave your side. It’s also ideal if you don’t have children because it’s not child-friendly.

When To Get a Boston Terrier

Unlike Boston Bulldogs, Boston Terriers are more focused, independent, and cleaner. They’re also great around kids and can be the perfect companions for your children. A Boston Terrier puppy is an ideal choice if you want a dog that’s less aggressive and requires less maintenance. 

Which Dog Is Better?

Both Boston Bulldogs and Boston Terriers are great additions to any home. However, Boston Bulldogs consume more food than Boston Terriers. They can only tolerate warm weather conditions only unlike Boston Terriers that tolerate both cold and warm weather. 

Boston Terriers are also good for novice owners because of their loving nature while Boston Bulldogs tend to be stubborn. Lastly, Boston Terrier dogs get along with other dogs while Boston Bulldogs are not friendly to other animals. From this information, it’s clear Boston Terriers are an ideal choice. 


Final Verdict

Boston Bulldogs are better if you’re interested in a dog that’s more aggressive and bonds well with everyone. Boston Terriers are better if you’re looking for puppies that don’t consume a lot of food or are perfect for first-time owners because of their easy-going personality. 

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