Best Muzzle for Jack Russell [2024 Review]

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Since Jack Russells were originally bred for hunting, they are territorial and want to dominate. That means they can be aggressive towards strangers, smaller pets, and even small children. With the best muzzle for Jack Russell, you can control this behavior when going out for walks, hiking, or in parks.

My Top Muzzle for Jack Russell Recommendations

The best muzzle for Jack Russell should be lightweight and comfortable so that the dog can wear it all day without feeling uncomfortable or exhausted. Regardless of your dog’s aggression level, the following muzzles are high-quality and won’t slip.

Best Overall Muzzle for JRT: BronzeDog Wire Basket

The BronzeDog Wire Basket is high-quality genuine leather and metal wire muzzle ideal for preventing JRTs from biting or eating off the ground. Like the PetSafe Adjustable Dog muzzle, it comes with fully adjustable straps that help ensure that the muzzle comfortably fits onto your JRT’s head.

Due to the cage-like structure, this muzzle ensures an easy airflow keeping your dog cool even when wearing it in warm weather. Although the design allows you to reward your JRT with treats, it helps train against chewing up shoes, furniture, and other bad eating habits.

Unlike the CooZero PCS Anti-Biting Muzzle, its buckles are chrome-plated steel, ensuring durability and improved corrosion and wear resistance.

Additionally, the basket-like shape makes it a good choice for regular vet visits, grooming, and training. Besides, it is the most lightweight on my list and ideal for wearing for an extended time.

Although it is designed to offer all-around protection, the muzzle is loose around the JRT’s mouth, allowing them to drink and pant normally. However, the straps are too short when using the muzzle with bigger JRTs.


  • Its design allows you to train your JRT against bad chewing behaviors
  • The buckles are chrome steel plated, ensuring durability and increased resistance against wear and corrosion


  • The straps are too short if using the muzzle with dogs that are bigger JRT mixes
  • Unlike the CooZero PCS Anti-Biting Dog Muzzle, it is not dirt and water-resistant

Best Breathable Muzzle for JRT: The Company of Animals Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

If you are looking for a tough and durable dog muzzle, you can’t go wrong with the Company of Animals Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle. Thus muzzle uses malleable thermal plastic rubber (TPR) in its design, allowing you to heat and shape it to a personalized fit.

The neoprene padded lining on the straps helps to ensure your JRT is comfortable even when staying with the muzzle for an extended time.

Like the BronzeDog Wire Basket, the muzzle is designed with safety in mind and provides all-around mouth protection, making it ideal for vet visits, grooming, riding in public transport, and dog walks in the park.

Like the CooZero PCS Anti-Biting Dog Muzzle, it is available in a wide range of sizes, enhancing versatility. Considering that Jack Russell Terriers are hyperactive dogs, panting is one way that helps them cool.

This muzzle is ideal for exercise as it allows the dog to drink and pants. It features two attachment loops, adjustable safety straps, and secure buckles for added security. However, if worn for an extended time, it may cause discomfort on the JRT’s snout.


  • The malleable TPR allows you to heat the muzzle and shape it to your desired fit
  • It offers all-round protection, making it suitable for vet and grooming visits


  • It might cause discomfort on the dog’s snout if worn for an extended time
  • Unlike the BronzeDog Wire Basket, the buckles are not durable without chrome-plated steel

Best JRT Muzzle for Comfort: Petsafe Adjustable Dog Muzzle

The PetSafe Adjustable Dog muzzle is a premium muzzle with a breathable mesh webbing, ensuring that your dog breathes and pants normally. 

Thanks to the soft fabric construction with padding, the muzzle is crafted with the utmost comfort in mind, thanks to the soft fabric construction with padding that ensures the JRT is comfortable.

Like the CooZero PCS Anti-Biting Dog Muzzle, it features a front-open design giving your Jack Russell Terrier sufficient room for panting and breathing effortlessly. The muzzle is designed to keep the aggressive behavior of JRTs under control by preventing biting, nipping, and barking.

Just like the Company of Animals Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle, the neck and snout straps are fully adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect fit. The adjustable straps also ensure ease of wear and removal.

It features a sturdy 100% cotton webbing, enhancing durability even when using it with the most aggressive JRT. However, the adjustment tab does not lock the straps in place and may slide off once adjusted to the correct size.


  • The neck and snout straps are adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your dog
  • The breathable mesh ensures your JRT breathes and pants normally


  • The adjustment tab does not lock the straps in place and might end up sliding off after adjusting the right size
  • Unlike the BronzeDog Wire Basket, it is unsuitable for training against bad chewing habits

Best Versatile Muzzle for JRT: CooZero PCS Anti-Biting Muzzle

The CooZero PCS Anti-Biting Dog Muzzle is a multi-functional muzzle that aids in preventing your JRT from licking wounds, eating rocks, poison, garbage, and excessive barking. The fully adjustable straps and buckles allow you to easily put or remove the muzzle from your JRT’s face.

Unlike the PetSafe Adjustable Dog muzzle, it uses the oxford fabric in its construction to improve lightness. This material is also wear-resistant, dirt-proof, and waterproof. Unlike the others on my list, the muzzle comes as a set with seven varying sizes, enhancing versatility as your JRT grows.

This anti-bite muzzle features an open-front design, allowing your JRT to drink and enjoy treats while wearing it. Its design also makes it an ideal choice for muzzle-training programs.

Besides, the strapping help ensure the muzzle remains securely in place, enhancing security regardless of the level of aggression. However, it is the heaviest on my list, causing discomfort on the JRT’s snout if worn for a prolonged time.


  • The oxford fabric construction ensures resistance to wear, water, and dirt
  • Considering that it is a multi-purpose muzzle, it helps prevent eating rocks and biting


  • It is the heaviest on my list, making it unsuitable for an extended wearing period
  • Unlike the Company of Animals Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle, it can’t prevent the dog from sniffing toxic substances

Features to Consider in the Best Muzzle for Jack Russell 

Jack Russell’s muzzles from different manufacturers vary in build quality, size, breathability, and weight. Keeping in mind that the level of aggression and size of JRTs varies across the breed, you should consider the following things when choosing a muzzle that will suit your dog.

The following table further breaks down these features for easier digestion.

MuzzleMaterialWeight (Ounces)Design 
The Company of Animals Baskerville Ultra Dog MuzzlePlastic2.75Basket muzzle
BronzeDog Wire Basket Leather and metal wire2.26Basket muzzle
PetSafe Adjustable Dog muzzleNylon2.46Soft muzzle
CooZero PCS Anti-Biting Dog MuzzleOxford cloth4.97Soft muzzle


Jack Russells are energetic and playful dogs that love running around, and a muzzle is unlikely to stop this behavior. If the muzzle is not well padded, these activities make the muzzle rub against the dog’s skin, causing irritation. Some of the signs that the muzzle is causing discomfort in your dog include:

  • Rubbing or hitting on different objects such as furniture using the muzzle to try and take it off
  • The dog rubbing or hitting its face against the ground when you wear the muzzle
  • Itchiness that makes the dog paw its face after wearing the muzzle

Therefore, it is advisable to go for a comfortable and well-padded muzzle such as the neoprene-padded The Company of Animals Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle. However, remember that JRTs are intelligent dogs and have a strong prey drive, and will want to chase and catch other pets.

A close-up image of a Jack Russell terrier

That means a JRT can understand that the muzzle will prevent it from catching and biting other pets and be unwilling to wear it. Before discrediting the muzzle, you should consider whether the dog refuses to wear it due to discomfort or lack of proper training. 


JRTs can be aggressive and might end up biting on the muzzle itself. You will need to ensure the muzzle is constructed of food-grade materials that pose no health risks to your dog.

The material should also be sturdy enough to withstand the biting while not so hard to damage the dog’s teeth. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a muzzle constructed of a malleable food-grade material such as the thermoplastic rubber construction of The Company of Animals Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle.


Although many people overlook the breathability of a dog muzzle, it is one of the most critical features to consider, especially due to the hyper nature of JRTs. These dogs are energetic and tend to engage in rigorous exercises that help them burn calories and use up excessive energy.

JRTs are also double-coated dogs and might not be able to lose heat effectively through their bodies like their single-coated counterparts. Typically, lack of good airflow can be an issue during summer or warm weather when there is high humidity and low oxygen level.

Therefore, it is advisable to go for a muzzle constructed of a breathable material such as the Oxford fabric construction in the CooZero Anti-Biting Dog Muzzle. This material has good airflow and will allow your dog to breathe and pant normally.

Mouth Movement

Different dog muzzles have different abilities to restrict mouth movement. In most cases, the extent to which the muzzle should restrict the dog’s mouth movement will depend on individual preferences.

For instance, if you have small children in your home or your dog is excessively aggressive, you can go for a muzzle such as the BronzeDog Wire Basket that only prevents biting yet allows the dog to do everything else freely and normally.

On the other hand, you can go for a more restrictive muzzle such as the PetSafe Muzzle if you are carrying the dog in a car and you don’t want it to vomit in the car, or you are with your dog in a park or place where barking is not allowed.


Keeping in mind that JRTs are relatively small dogs, it is important to consider the weight of the muzzle. Since the dog’s nose will mainly hold the muzzle, you don’t want a muzzle that will exhaust your dog and prevent it from engaging in regular play and fun.

In most cases, the muzzle that weighs more than 5 ounces might be heavy for a JRT, and weight might make the dog unwilling to wear the muzzle in the future. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a lightweight muzzle such as the Nylon constructed PetSafe Muzzle.

An image of a Jack Russell terrier


Although it is advisable to measure the snout of a JRT before deciding on the right muzzle size, the snout size might change, especially if the dog is still growing. There can also be snout size and weight changes even for adult JRTs due to changes in diet, exercise levels, or health conditions.

That means you will need to get another muzzle if you’re dealing with fixed-size muzzles. The best way to avoid this problem is to get a versatile muzzle with adjustable straps, such as the BronzeDog Wire Basket.

The adjustable straps allow the muzzle to fit comfortably without exerting excessive pressure or slipping out. If you want a muzzle that can serve your JRT from puppyhood to adulthood, you can go for the CooZero Anti-Biting Dog Muzzle, as it comes in several pieces that can fit dogs of varying ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can My JRT Swim With Its Muzzle On?

Technically a JRT can swim with its muzzle on if the muzzle design is more of a wire or rubber basket like the Company of Animals Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle, as it will allow sufficient airflow.

However, considering that most muzzles will limit the airflow, letting your dog swim with a muzzle on is not advisable.

Can I Leave My JRT With a Muzzle All Day?

Yes, you can leave your JRT with a muzzle all day if the muzzle has good airflow and allows the dog to breathe and pant freely. However, even the most lightweight muzzle can exhaust a small dog like a JRT, so leaving it with a muzzle for more than 8 hours is not advisable.

Can a Muzzle Stop My JRT From Being Aggressive?

A muzzle cannot stop a JRT from being aggressive, as aggression in JRTs is more of a natural behavioral issue. The introduction of muzzles might even make them more aggressive.

However, muzzles help eliminate the risks associated with aggression, such as biting other people or pets.

Final Thoughts

The best muzzle for Jack Russell should allow sufficient airflow so the dog can breathe and pant freely. The material should be sturdy enough to withstand biting even from the most aggressive JRT. The above muzzles are high-quality and versatile and can fit dogs of varying ages.