Best Jack Russell Terrier Breeders [2024 Review]

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The best way to get a well-socialized, healthy, and purebred Jack Russell is to adopt it from a breeder. The best Jack Russell terrier breeders will help you with the American Kennel Club registrations and provide you with relevant documents.

My Top Jack Russell Terrier Breeder Recommendations

The best Jack Russell terrier breeders are transparent and will allow you to tour the place and see how the puppies and their parents are doing. Let’s dive into some of the top breeders where you can adopt Jack Russell puppies with vibrant personalities.

JRT into the woods

Best Overall Jack Russell Breeder: Chestnut Hill Kennel

If you’re looking for JRT puppies that are well socialized and active, consider adopting them from the Chestnut Hill JRTs. The dogs from chestnut Hill JRTs excel in lure coursing, conformation, super-earth and go-to-ground.

Unlike the Run Away Farm, this breeder is located in Keysville, Virginia, which is a convenient place to source your dog if you’re located in the Southeast cities such as Virginia, Lynchburg, North Carolina, and Durham.

Like the Little Eden JRTs, a family business owned by a husband and wife partnership. This breeder is a member of the Patterdale Terrier Club of America (PTCA), American Working Terrier Association (AWTA), and Midwest Jack Russell Terrier Club (MJRTC).

They also partner with Carolina’s JJRT Club (CJRTC), Virginia JRT Club (VJRTC, and the JRT Club of America (JRTCA). However, sometimes there are no available dogs for sale.


  • Puppies from this breeder are active and do well in go-to-ground conformation and super-earth.
  • The breeder brings up well-socialized puppies that are friendly to their owners.


  • The breeder might sometimes lack dogs for sale, inconveniencing you even when you have the funds ready.
  • Unlike the Little Eden, this breeder lacks a program that proves the dog’s temperament and working ability.

Best Jack Russell Breeder for Medical-Tested Puppies: Little Eden

Little Eden JRTs is a JRT breeder situated in Medina, New York, a convenient location to source your JRT puppy if you are located in the northeastern United States, such as Buffalo and nearby areas. 

The business is owned and operated by Mitchell Ward, who has over 30 years of experience with JRT breeding and uses the experience to ensure the dogs are healthy and well looked at.

Unlike the Run Away Farm, this breeder is a member of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada (JRTCC) and the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA). 

Usually, dogs entering the Little Eden JRTs breeding program are carefully chosen for correct conformation, natural working ability, and steady temperament. Although the dogs are CERF and BAER tested, the number of tests is limited compared to the Chestnut Hill JRTs.

Cute jack russell terrier in the forest


  • JRTs from this breeder are healthy and have good character traits.
  • Dogs joining this breeder’s program are cautiously chosen to avoid hereditary issues.


  • Medical tests conducted on JRTs are limited compared to those of Chestnut Hill JRTs.
  • The breeder does not follow up with you to find out how the puppies are doing.

Best Jack Russell Breeder With Pedigree Records: Run Away Farm

If you are looking for JRTs with wonderful temperaments, incredible hunting abilities, and correct conformation that will match your lifestyle, then the Run Away Farm might be the best breeder.

This breeder is situated in Matthews, east of Charlotte, a convenient location for people living in South Carolina and North Carolina.

Like the Chestnut Hill JRTs, many JRTs from Run Away Farm engage in agility exercises that help to improve their coordination, expend excessive energy, increase endurance, keep them fit and stimulate their minds.

Unlike the Little Eden JRTs, the breeder follows up with the buyer to ensure the puppies are in a suitable home.

However, considering that the price of puppies from this breeder varies depending on the character traits and pedigree, it can be a sign that some dogs might have behavioral or hereditary issues.


  • JRTs from this breeder take part in agility activities, keeping them fit.
  • The breeder makes a follow up with you to make sure the puppies are doing fine.


  • Price variation in puppies from this breeder might be an indication that some dogs have some hereditary issues.
  • The limited membership of this breeder might be a sign of failing to meet some breeding requirements.

What to Look For in the Best Jack Russell Terrier Breeder

There are many JRT breeders in the United States, and identifying the best one can be challenging, especially if you are a new dog owner.

Graphic image of a dog kennel that explains that the best Jack Russell Terrier breeders should have certifications and a clean facility

Whether you’re looking for a hunting partner or a family dog, check the following things to determine whether you’re dealing with a good JRT breeder. The table below further breaks down the key things you need to consider.

Chestnut Hill JRTs. Keysville, VirginiaCERF, BAER, PLLPTCA, AWTA, MJRTC, CJRTC, VJRTC, JRTCA.
Little EdenMedina, New YorkCERF, BAER JRTCA, JRTCC
Run Away FarmMatthews, east of Charlotte      –JRTCA, CJRTC


When looking for a JRT breeder, the first step is to ensure dealing with a certified breeder. In most cases, good breeders will also be members of several JRT clubs. Usually, different dog clubs have different standards and requirements for their members.

That means a breeder who belongs to several dog clubs meets most of the standards you might desire in the dog breeding industry.

For instance, the Chestnut Hill JRTs is registered by the Jack Russell Club of America and a member of other clubs such as the Midwest JRT Club, Patterdale Terrier Club of America, Virginia JRT Club, and Carolina’s JRT Club.


One of the best ways to determine the breeder’s quality is visiting and touring the facility. For instance, Run Away Farm encourages you to visit the facility and gauge the health condition and temperament of the puppies by looking at their physical appearance.

The facility of a good breeder should have spacious grounds for the dogs to exercise and expend excessive energy. The kennels should be clean and odorless. If the kennels are crowded and dirty, it is a sign of the breeder’s recklessness and possible health issues with the puppies.

Evaluate the physical appearance of the puppies to see whether they look well-fed and healthy. It is also advisable to ask for the parents so you can see how the puppies socialize with their parents. Typically, the puppies should be playful with their parents and comfortable around people.

Medical Records

Since dog breeders raise puppies from birth, they should have records showing all the necessary vaccinations and treatments. Good breeders will also have documents showing additional health tests conducted on the puppies.

Jack Russell Terrier playing on the beach

For instance, breeders like the Little Eden JRTs have medical records showing the brainstem auditory evoked response (BAER) testing and the Canine Eye Research Foundation (CERF) examination on the puppies to rule out possible hearing and eye problems.

Pedigree Papers

Good breeders carefully choose the dogs they use in the breeding. Medical tests are conducted on the dogs to ensure no hereditary or genetic health conditions.

A good breeder will also follow up with the ancestry history of the parents to ensure they are dealing with purebred JRTs’ parents. Although all breeders will have pedigree documents, some might be reluctant to show them if they believe there are some issues with the parents’ ancestry.

On the other hand, breeders that carefully choose their parents, such as the Little Eden JRTs, will be ready to show you the pedigree documents.

Terms and Conditions

Different breeders have different terms and conditions governing the adoption of JRT puppies. In most cases, good breeders will have more strict terms and conditions, and you might have to sign lots of documents.

For instance, breeders such as the Run Away Farm value their dogs and will want to know more about you to ensure the puppy ends up in a good home. Some breeders might even have refund terms if you want to return the puppy within a stipulated time.

However, if the breeder doesn’t care whether you will use the dog for breeding or not and doesn’t care where you will take the dog if you can’t live with it, it should be a red flag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jack Russell Terrier sitting

How Can I Know Whether the Breeder Is Breeding Purebred Jack Russells?

You can know whether the breeder is breeding purebred JRTs by looking at the color of the puppies and their parents. Typically, purebred JRTs contain more than 51% white with tan or black patches around the tail and face area.

Can I Breed Jack Russells on My Own?

In most cases, JRT breeders will have spaying or neutering terms to ensure you can’t breed the dog after adoption. Some might even require you to sign documents that won’t use the dog for breeding.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want a purebred puppy free from genetic health issues or a well-raised dog with a good temperament, consider adopting it from a certified JRT breeder. In most cases, the best Jack Russell breeders are members of several dog clubs and are ready to provide the pedigree documents.