Best Harness for Jack Russell [2024 Review]

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Jack Russell terriers are energetic, hyperactive, and playful dogs that love running around chasing prey. Although they can be good companions when going for hunting or exercise, you might not be able to control them without the best harness for Jack Russell.

My Top Harness for Jack Russell Recommendations

The best harness for Jack Russell should have a customizable fit with padded straps to enhance comfort without exerting excessive pressure on the throat. The following harnesses for Jack Russell are high-quality and versatile and will give you better control over your dog.

Best Overall Harness for JRT: Ruffwear Front Range Harness

The Ruffwear Front Range Harness is a high-quality dog harness that features two leash attachment points; an aluminum V-ring positioned on the JRT’s back for convenient daily walks and a reinforced webbing loop at the front of the chest to resist pulling and offer additional control.

It comes with a foam padding that runs the full length of the harness, offering maximum protection against rubbing or possible chafing. Also, the foam padding offers equal load distribution, ensuring your Jack Russell Terrier is comfortable when running, resting, or walking.

Like the PoyPet 2019 Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness, it comes with a handle at the back that allows you to attach the harness to the seat belt, reducing your JRT’s movement while in the car.

Unlike theThinkPet Reflective Breathable Harness, it comes with an easily accessible ID pocket, ensuring safe storage of your pet’s tags.

This harness features a reflective fabric trim in the front and along the top of the harness, which makes the dog visible during early morning or evening walks. However, the plastic buckles are not sturdy enough, and they may end up snapping.


  • The foam padding offers maximum protection against rubbing or chafing of the dog’s skin
  • This harness comes with an easy to access ID pocket, ensuring your pet’s tags are safe


  • The plastic buckles are not strong enough, and they might end up snapping
  • Unlike the Thinkpet Reflective Breathable Harness, its reflective straps are not omnidirectional

Best JRT Harness With Reflective Straps: PoyPet 2019 Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness

The PoyPet 2019 Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness is a premium harness that features four easy to fasten snaps: two on the back and two on the front, ensuring ease of wear and removal. The belly straps of this harness feature an elastic construction, offering stretchability for more comfort.

However, it’s not elastic enough, and getting the wrong size may cause stress on the JRT forelimbs. Additionally, the belly straps help reduce strain and the risk of your dog getting hurt. Like the Thinkpet Reflective Breathable Harness, it has highly reflective strips that make it easy to spot the dog.

It features a thick and sturdy handle on the back, allowing you to control your dog’s movement precisely. Like the Ruffwear Front Range Harness, the mini mesh pocket of this harness allows you to put your contact information and your dog’s tag, enhancing the ease of finding it if it gets lost.

The two leash attachments are big enough to fit almost all leash hooks. This harness comes in 5 varying sizes based on your Jack Russell Terrier’s chest and neck girth size, enhancing versatility.


  • The wide range of sizes makes it an ideal option if you own multiple dogs
  • The reflective strips help keep your dog visible during night-time walks


  • If you purchase an ill-fitting size, it’s not flexible and may end up hurting your JRT’s forelimbs
  • Unlike the Thinkpet Reflective Breathable Harness, the harness is not machine washable

Best Breathable Harness for JRT: Thinkpet Reflective Breathable Harness

If you are looking for an omnidirectional reflective dog harness, you can’t go wrong with the ThinkPet Reflective Breathable Harness. Unlike the Ruffwear Front Range Harness, all the edges of this harness are sealed with reflective straps, making the dog visible even when playing in the backyard at night.

With a breathable air mesh, this harness ensures your dog remains cool even when walking in warm weather. Additionally, the harness is lightweight with a soft, breathable texture, reducing the chances of choking and tugging on your JRT.

Like the PoyPet 2019 Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness, it features adjustable slide straps ensuring ease of wear and removal. With a wide range of sizes, this harness is suitable for JRTs of varying ages, enhancing versatility.

Considering that it is machine washable, this harness ensures convenience for regular cleaning. However, it lacks the extra loop on the straps, giving you the tedious task of re-tightening the straps.


  • The breathable air mesh ensures your JRT is cool even when running or walking in warm weather
  • The adjustable straps make wearing and removing the harness easy


  • Without the extra loop on the straps, this harness gives you the tedious work of re-tightening the straps.
  • Unlike the PoyPet 2019 Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness, it lacks the handle that allows you to attach the harness to the car seat belt.

Features to Consider in the Best Harness for Jack Russell

Considering that the build quality, size, design, and comfortability of harnesses for Jack Russells vary across brands, you can be confused about which harness to go for, especially if you’re a new dog owner.

Regardless of the sex, age, or personality trait of your Jack Russell, you will need to consider the following features when choosing a harness for your dog. Additionally, the following table provides a quick breakdown of the key features.

HarnessDesignMaterialReflective straps
Ruffwear Front Range HarnessChest and backNylonAlong the top of the harness
PoyPet  2019 Upgraded No Pull Dog HarnessChest and backNylonAlong the straps
Thinkpet Reflective Breathable HarnessBackMeshOmnidirectional


Although Jack Russells are relatively small dogs with a standing height of around 10 to 15 inches, the size still varies across the breed depending on the age, sex, ancestry history, and the diet you’re feeding your dog. That means there is no fixed-size harness that can fit all Jack Russells.

You should, therefore, measure your dog’s size to ensure that you are buying the right size of a harness. Usually, you will want a harness that will not be loose in a way that the JRT can slip out and not too tight to cause pain.

A photo of a white and brown dog with red harness

Typically, you’ll want a harness that you can’t pull over the head of the dog, yet you can fit two fingers under the straps. If you are uncertain of the right size for your dog, it is advisable to go for a customizable fit harness such as PoyPet 2019 Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness.


Jack Russells are energetic and hyper dogs with a strong prey drive and will want to run around. They are also territorial and aggressive and will want to attack any person or animal intruding into their environment. That means you can expect your JRT to pull you around.

If you go for a back hook harness, your dog will be able to pull you much better using its chest. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a front hook harness such as the Ruffwear Front Range Harness.

With the clip-on front of the chest, the dog will have limited pulling power, giving you better control.

Reflective Straps

Although many dog owners think that reflective straps are just a fashion to make the harness appealing, it is more of a safety feature that you should consider when choosing a harness. The reflective straps reflect light to make the harness easily visible, improving the overall ease of spotting the dog.

These reflective strips are especially important when going out with your dog in the dark. Jack Russells are playful and tend to run around or run through your legs, and it can be challenging to spot them in darkness.

Usually, this increases safety risks such as accidentally stepping on your dog or the dog being knocked down by a car. The best way to reduce the risk is to get a dog harness with reflective stripes, such as the PoyPet 2019 Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness.

Buckle Isolation

Most high-quality Jack Russells’ harnesses come with buckles that help you tighten or loosen some parts of the harness, depending on the dog’s body. Although JRTs are double-coated, there can be skin irritation and discomfort if the harness buckle keeps on rubbing the dog’s coat.

Over time, the buckle can affect the quality of the dog’s coat or even make the dog unwilling to wear the harness. You can prevent this by getting a harness like the ThinkPet Reflective Breathable Harness. This harness has padding that helps prevent the buckle from directly touching the dog’s coat.


Considering that Jack Russell terriers are energetic and hyperactive, they engage in intense exercises and will need a breathable harness that can allow them to lose heat. That means you will need to make the right balance between the durability and breathability of the harness.

A photo of a white and brown dog inside a vehicle

Therefore, it is advisable to get a harness with mesh ventilation, such as the breathable air mesh in the ThinkPet Reflective Breathable Harness. Typically, this will allow the dog to stay for an extended period with the harness, even during warm weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Leave My Jack Russell Terrier With a Harness All the Time?

Yes, you can leave your JRT with a harness all the time since it’s padded and comfortable. However, it is not advisable to let the dog sleep with a harness at night as the harness is meant for use during exercises, runs, and walks.

Should I Get My Jack Russell Terrier a Harness or a Collar?

It is advisable to get your JRT a harness as it helps to distribute the weight uniformly rather than exert pressure on the dog’s neck. Keeping in mind that JRTs are prone to respiratory health conditions, a collar might increase the risk.

Final Thoughts

The best harness for Jack Russell is padded and breathable, ensuring the dog is comfortable regardless of the weather condition. Although the right harness will depend on your preference, the above harnesses are versatile and have reflective straps that help make the dog visible even in darkness.