Best Food for Staffordshire Bull Terrier [2024 Review]

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One of the most important necessities of Staffordshire bull terriers is food. Providing them with high-quality dog food that is packed with all the nutrients and proteins they need for the day is essential in order to maintain their health and their appetite. Here’s a list of the best food for Staffordshire bull terrier that is readily available in the market today!

Best Food for Staffordshire Bull Terrier Reviews

There are a lot of food options in the market, but a lot of them don’t offer the amazing benefits and nutrients that these dog foods need. The key in choosing the best food option for your Staffordshire bull terrier is to understand what they specifically need from their diet. Luckily, these four options offer a variety of benefits that you might be looking for!

Nulo Adult Trim Weight Management Dry Dog Food

The Nulo Adult Trim Weight Management Dry Dog Food fits the best for the overall food for Staffordshire bull terrier. Nulo Dog Food pride itself on their protein-rich diet that balances the dog’s needs. Despite the high protein content, their kibbles are lower in carbohydrates which also promotes a leaner and proper body mass for dogs. 

Unlike the Blue Wilderness High Protein Dog Food which doesn’t have probiotics or the Canidae PURE Limited Ingredient Adult Dry Dog Food that contains some, the Nulo Adult Dog Food comes with their patented BC30 Probiotic that’s specifically designed to support dog’s healthy digestion. 

Moreover, dog foods that have chicken and egg as main ingredients like the Blue Wilderness High Protein Dog Food can be a difficult food option for picky dogs. The Nulo Adult Dog Food offers a delicious cod and lentils recipe that will surely satisfy any dog’s palate. The Nulo Dog Food also comes in various packed sizes that give dog owners just the right amount if they are introducing this nutrient-packed dog food to their dogs. 


  • Features patented BC30 Probiotic best suited for dog breeds like Staffordshire bull terrier to maintain good digestive health
  • Weight-friendly because of its high-protein, low-carb ingredients
  • Contains L-Carnitine that helps convert fatty acids as energy-boosters


  • Restricted to dogs who wanted to maintain or lose weight
  • Not suitable for dogs in need of weight gain

Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Dog Food

If you are looking for a more affordable mid-range price for your Staffordshire bull terrier’s food, Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Dog Food is your go-to. Blue Wilderness Dry Dog Food, as its name suggests, offers high meat content for your dog’s daily protein needs with the best price in the market. 

What’s best about Blue Wilderness Dry Dog Food is that it is intricately designed for pit bull breeds such as Staffordshire bull terriers due to its high protein content coupled with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. In addition, it also offers a balanced volume of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for overall health.

This is the only dry dog food on the list to offer joint-maintaining nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus which are vital for Staffordshire bull terriers as they have massive body structures

Just make sure to check if your dog is prone to allergic reactions as Blue Wilderness Dry Dog Food’s main sources of protein are chicken meat and eggs which are known to trigger allergies. 

With the necessary and vital nutrients coupled with the immune system and dental health boosters for a very affordable price, Blue Wilderness High Protein Dog Food takes the crown as the best Staffordshire bull terrier food!


  • Has Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for better coat and skin health
  • Contains calcium and phosphorus good for bone structure and health unlike other dog food in the list


  • Not suitable for weight sensitive dogs due to the high meat content
  • No variety of food flavors to accommodate picky-eaters

Zignature Dry Dog Food

Looking for the best dog food for picky-eating Staffordshire bull terriers can be a terrible problem in maintaining their nutrient intake and weight. Luckily, the Zignature Dry Dog Food offers a balanced combination of high-quality meat and limited wholesome, all-natural ingredients that will surely satisfy your Staffordshire bull terrier’s palette as well as their daily nutrition needs. 

What’s more, the balanced combination in Zignature Formulas is pride with what they call “Physiologically Tuned” meal which allows dogs to get accustomed to a rotational diet with other Zignature Dry Dog Food Flavors.

Zignature’s limited wholesome ingredients in their formula are lighter and easier to digest compared to Nulo Adult Dog Food and Blue Wilderness High Protein Dog Food which is why it is also safe for sensitive dogs. 

It also offers a variety of flavors good for rotational feeding unlike the previous dog foods on the list. Plus, you can get these high-quality nutrient formulations that will surely boost your Staffordshire bull terrier’s appetite for a mid-range price!


  • Comes with a variety of flavors for picky eating staffordshire bull terriers
  • Balance meat for protein and limited healthy ingredient for nutrients that are good for dogs with sensitive digestive systems


  • Mid-range price is a bit more expensive than the previous featured dog foods in the list such as Nulo Adult Dog Food and Blue Wilderness High Protein Dog Food. 

Canidae PURE Limited Ingredient Adult Dry Dog Food

Staffordshire bull terriers are also prone to food allergies and other diseases. Canidae PURE Limited Ingredient Adult Dry Dog Food offers a hypoallergenic yet nutritious food option against food allergies, as well as skin and digestive problems. 

Canidae PURE Dog Food pride themselves as one of the best dog food options in the market for dogs with sensitive health. While it offers limited healthy ingredients like Zignature Dry Dog Food, Canidae limits 8 primary ingredients that are hypoallergenic, easy to digest, and safe for dogs with food allergies while still giving them the necessary nutrients and vitamins they need for a healthy and active day. 

Canidae have a lot of meat varieties and flavors in their brand, from fresh salmon to lamb, for the much needed protein and calories that boosts healthy weight and leaner mass without using chicken and eggs like Blue Wilderness High Protein Dog Food as these meat and protein-rich ingredients can trigger skin allergies for sensitive dogs. 


  • Uses 8 primary ingredients for safer yet nutrient-packed meal for sensitive dogs
  • Canidae do not use chicken and eggs in their product due to the possible allergic reactions that can be triggered in sensitive dogs


  • The price is significantly higher than all the other dog food options on the list. 
  • Not suitable for dogs who need to gain weight due to the balanced protein content

What You Need to Look For in Your Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s Food?

I have given these factors into consideration, and here’s a list of the best food I recommend for your Staffordshire bull terriers: 

Graphic image of a pet food package that explains that the best food for Staffordshire Bull Terriers have meat and are grain-free

Comparison Chart

Product Ingredients Additional Nutrients and Supplements Grain-Free Formula
Nulo Adult Trim Weight Management Dry Dog Food Deboned Cod, Turkey Meal, Salmon Meal, Lentils, Yellow Peas
L-Carnitine, Patented BC30 Probiotic Yes
Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Dog Food Chicken, Peas, Fish Meal, Chicken fat, Dried Egg product. Calcium and Phosphorus Yes
Zignature Dry Dog Food Meat and Fish, no chicken products. Limited wholesome and healthy ingredients.  Probiotics, Antioxidants, Vitamins.  Yes
Canidae PURE Limited Ingredient Adult Dry Dog Food Salmon, Bison Lentil, Lamb, Goat, Venison , Sweet Potato , and Carrot. No chicken products.  Low Glycemic Index Yes


All dogs, especially Staffordshire bull terriers, needed meat in their daily food intake. Meat is the main source of dogs’ much-needed carbohydrates and protein. High protein and calorie intake are more necessary for Staffordshire bull terriers and pit bull breeds as they have a massive, muscular, and lean body structure. 

In addition, they are more active and they need to have at least 30-90 minutes of exercise a day, which will definitely burn a lot of fat and drain a lot of energy. Thus high protein and calorie supply is vital to maintain a Staffordshire bull terrier’s overall health, activeness, and lifestyle. 

Dog food spilling out of a bowl

However, Staffordshire bull terriers are prone to food allergies, which is why it is not always advisable for them to eat dog foods that are high in chicken and egg ingredients which are known to trigger skin allergies for them.

The highly recommended meat for Staffordshire bull terriers is salmon, lamb, goat, duck, pig, boar, and salmon which are the main meat ingredients for Nulo Adult Dog Food, Zignature Dry Dog Food, and Canidae PURE Dog Food. 

Healthy and Wholesome Fruits and Veggies

Aside from meat that is rich in protein and carbohydrates, Staffordshire bull terriers also need to have a variety of healthy and wholesome fruits and veggies in their diet. Of course, they cannot eat all kinds of veggies and fruits, and not all of those they can eat are advisable to add in their daily diet.

Thus, it is necessary to know what kinds of fruits and vegetables are safe for their daily consumption and what can be offered as a treat every once in a while to boost their mood and help them in their training exercises. 

Zignature Dry Dog Food and Canidae PURE Dog Food offers limited yet wholesome fruits and vegetable ingredients in their formulas. The recommended vegetables for their daily consumption include carrot, sweet potato, and peas. As for treats, you can offer them peanut butter, natural yogurt, celery, apple slices, pumpkin, and blueberries to name a few.

A Safe and Grain-Free Diet

Staffordshire bull terriers should not eat grains in their diet. Grains such as wheat, corn, and soy can agitate and worsen food allergies for them. It is necessary for Staffordshire bull terriers to have a grain-free diet to prevent health problems from occurring.

Luckily, most of the dog food in the market is grain-free to accommodate a wider variety of dog breeds including the all best dog food options I have on the list! 

Additional Nutrients and Supplements

While meat, fruits, and vegetables help a lot in maintaining and giving adequate nutrients for Staffordshire bull terriers, there are still a lot of things that they cannot cover. Since this kind of dog breed is known for its mass and large physique, supplements and boosters are needed to help their bodies to be healthier, leaner, and stronger. 

Some of the necessary vitamins and nutrients that a Staffordshire bull terrier needs are L-Carnitine, calcium, phosphorus, probiotics, and antioxidants.

L-Carnitine helps with burning fats into energy to avoid obesity and obesity that are prone in the pit bull breed. Nulo Adult Dog Food which specializes in weight management has L-Carnitine as part of their formula. 

Staffordshire Bull Terrier sitting on the grass

Joint-maintaining nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus, being two of the many offered benefits in Blue Wilderness Dry Dog Food, are also vital to aid with a better and stronger joint and bone development that can accommodate their massive muscular weight.

Vitamins and minerals are also safe and highly needed in Staffordshire bull terriers’ diet for better dental health, healthy and shiny coats, as well as better organ functions. 

Probiotics and antioxidants that are present in limited ingredient Dog Foods like Canidae and Zignature can help with digestion and immune system boost for best bowel movement and stronger immunity against common diseases. 


Staffordshire bull terriers can be picky eaters too. Even humans would hate it if they were to eat the same food with the same taste for a week.

The flavor is also extremely important for a dog’s food and diet. Dog foods such as Zignature Dry Dog Food offers a wide range of flavor varieties allow them to have more appetite for food which will help them to maintain their diet and nutrient intake. 

Some dogs are having eating problems due to the lack of flavor variety in their food which causes them to have no appetite, energy, and motivation that can be reflected in their health. Thus, it is also equally important that your dog enjoys the taste of their food! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Food Can Staffies Not Eat?

There are a lot of foods that are not suitable for Staffies to eat. It is best to avoid giving them avocados, cherries, raisins, grapes, chocolate, coconut products, citrus fruits, and nuts. Make sure to give them only the appropriate and safe food as some food can be dangerous and poisonous for them. 

How Often Should I Feed My Staffordshire Bull Terrier?

Staffordshire bull terriers are recommended to eat around 1 ½ up to 2 ½ cups of high-quality dog food a day. Make sure to keep their weight, age, and activity level in check to know how much food they need. 

What to Feed a Staffy to Bulk It Up

Staffies are generally bulky dogs so you just need them to develop. You can add more meat to the diet. Just make sure your Staffy is eating a balanced diet to be healthy.


Looking for the best food for your Staffordshire bull terriers can be stressful especially if they have a specific need for their everyday diet. Some owners are looking for a weight booster food while others are looking for a healthy and balanced diet for their sensitive Staffordshire bull terriers.