Best Dog Bed for Yorkshire Terrier [2024 Review]

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Health is the most important aspect of a Yorkshire Terrier’s life as it can determine their life span. Sleep is a necessity for Yorkshire Terriers to have good health and strong body development throughout the years. I’m sharing the best dog bed for a Yorkshire terrier so they can rest and sleep comfortably.

My Top Yorkshire Terrier Dog Bed Recommendations

The Best Friends by Sheri Calming Donut Dog Bed tops my list of the best dog bed for a Yorkshire Terrier because of its pet-safe materials, calming, protective shape, and superior comfort.

However, not every bed will fit when it comes to comfort, size, and type that I am looking for. I have combed out the best dog bed I can find that will bring extra comfort, space, and features to cater to your Yorkshire terrier’s specific needs.

Best Dog Bed for Yorkshire Terrier Overall: Best Friends by Sheri Calming Donut Dog Bed

If you are looking for the best bed that gives comfort, space, style, and good rest for the dog, the Best Friends by Sheri Calming Donut Dog Bed is your go-to dog bed for a Yorkshire Terrier.

This dog bed comes in different sizes suited for Yorkshire Terrier’s different sizes compared to the Bedsure Small Dog Bed that only accommodates toy-sized dogs. In effect, you can save money and invest in a long-term bed as this can accommodate your pet from being a puppy up to being a senior.

Unlike the Bedsure Small Dog Bed and FurHaven Oval Pet Bed, this bed uses vegan faux shag fur for added softness, comfort, and luxurious feel. Moreover, it comes with water and dirt-resistant bottoms that will keep the bed away from liquids and dirt build-up.

Despite its plushness, small Yorkshire Terriers won’t have a hard time climbing the bed. The downside of this dog bed is that you need to be careful when it comes to tiny holes and tears in its seams, especially if you plan to wash it frequently.


  • Comes in different sizes that can accommodate different sizes of Yorkshire Terriers.
  • Uses a vegan faux shag fur in its exterior and a soft fiber in its fill which makes it extremely comfortable, soft, and plushy.


  • Seams are not durable enough for frequent washing using a washing machine and dryer.
  • Fiberfill focuses on the outer area, making the middle part a bit thin and flat.

Best Moisture-Wicking Bed for Yorkshire Terrier: Bedsure Small Dog Bed

Does your Yorkshire Terrier have the habit of going straight to its bed and rubbing its fur after taking a bath as if drying itself? Aside from its moisture-wicking abilities, the microfiber material of the Bedsure Small Dog Bed makes it more breathable and sustainable.

Compared to FurHaven Oval Pet Bed which only has a warm ambiance, the Bedsure’s reversible pillow comes with a microfiber fleece for added heat on the side and a water-resistant oxford for added comfort during warm seasons. Its features accommodate weather changes that can greatly affect your dog’s wellbeing and health.

Unlike Best Friends by Sheri Dog Bed, the Bedsure Small Dog Bed offers an intricate, reversible, and removable pillow design along with the actual bed frame for added comfort and style.

Coupled with its washable feature, this design is convenient for people who want to keep their Yorkshire Terrier beds neat and clean without frequent washing.

Perhaps your Yorkshire Terrier loves to do leaning positions and is larger than the usual Yorkshire Terrier size. In that case, you may want to look for a larger and more spacious design that will cater to their sizes and needs perfectly compared to Bedsure Small Dog Bed.


  • Water-resistant oxford and microfiber make the bed convenient to clean, whether by hand washing or using a washing machine.
  • Includes a slip-resistant bottom to keep the bed in place even across smooth surfaces.


  • Size is only limited to Yorkshire Terrier toy sizes.
  • Integrity of the bed wall is not sturdy enough to stay in place and hold weight for leaning Yorkshire Terrier sleeping positions.

Best Affordable Bed for Yorkshire Terrier: FurHaven Oval Pet Bed

Being economical is a way to go, especially if you want to assure that you will really get what you paid for in a product. With that, the FurHaven Oval Pet Bed fits the list as the most affordable bed for Yorkshire Terriers that does not compromise when it comes to quality.

Despite its affordability, the FurHaven Oval Pet Bed uses foam to surround your pet. This ensures your pet won’t easily fall out of bed or hit something hard. Unlike the Bedsure Small Dog Bed, this comes with a sturdy, wrap-around foam wall that will sit right and tight for Yorkies who love to sleep in various positions.

Compared to the premium fibers of the Best Friends by Sheri Bed that can be heavy to wash, this bed is easier to clean due to the removable insert pillow. In effect, you won’t have to compromise the foam fillers or end up buying additional dog mattresses.

Despite its fluffy look, its bottom has no padding. However, there’s a padding insert where you can add a removable pillow. In this way, you can choose the thickness, and your pet will still get enough cushion.


  • Comes with a removable insert pillow and covers for a more sustainable and washable-friendly option for people who love to keep their beds clean.
  • Has a sturdy wall that can accommodate various Yorkshire Terrier sleeping positions.


  • Comes with a thin middle filler that is not applicable for Yorkshire Terriers who love extra soft and plush beds.
  • Cannot withstand excessive Yorkshire Terrier digging and nesting habits.

Best Self-Warming Bed for Yorkshire Terrier: K&H Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Pet Bed

Yorkshire Terriers are not bred for cold weather. So if you are looking for a bed that will always keep your dog’s bed warm even in winter seasons without using electricity, the K&H Self-warming Lounge Sleeper Pet Bed is for you.

This dog bed is a self-warming type that allows your Yorkshire Terrier to sleep warm and sound at night. Compared to Best Friends by Sheri Dog Bed which has fiber-filling, the K&H Self-warming Pet Bed contains two layers of warming materials.

The first layer acts as insulation to capture heat. The next layer will then reflect the heat back to your pet.

Similar to the Bedsure Small Dog Bed that has a sturdy wall structure, this dog bed’s walls are fluffy yet sturdy, which adds to the warming comfort.

The only downside of this bed is that the self-warming materials underneath the bedding can produce a plastic-like sound, especially when your Yorkshire Terrier loves to dig and nest to their beds. This can also be a no-go for dogs with hypersensitivity to noises, particularly dogs that hate the sound of plastic.


  • Has self-warming capabilities through added layers of heat insulation without the use of electricity for Yorkshire Terriers who love warm beds.
  • Multiple layers of polyester and microfiber fleece can withstand pet chewing.


  • Heat insulation resting in the padding of the beddings creates noise when pressed and dug, which can be uncomfortable for Yorkshire Terriers with noise sensitivity.
  • Pet hair tends to cling into the material, although it’s fairly easy to hand or machine wash.

Best Elevated Bed for Yorkshire Terrier: Coolaroo Original Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

If you want to ensure airflow without using thick fiber, the suspended style of the Coolaroo Original Cooling Elevated Pet Bed is the best option for your Yorkshire Terrier. The height can also act as a simple platform to keep your pet up without being too high.

Compared to the Best Friends by Sheri Dog Bed, the Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed is much easier to clean. Even if your pet soils the bed after playing in the mud or accidentally peeing on it, you can simply hose off the dirt and let it dry.

Unlike the Best Friends by Sheri Dog Bed that rests on the ground directly, this Yorkshire Terrier bed comes with sturdy alloy steel for the off-the-ground design. This creates a healthier living environment for your pet as it won’t absorb ground moisture that can encourage bacteria growth.

Additionally, it uses high-density polyethylene to prevent skin issues and problems for Yorkshire Terriers like hot spots and rashes. This is ideal if your pet needs a safe resting place while on medication for skin allergies.

However, the elevation may be quite challenging to senior Yorkshire Terriers, Teacup Yorkies, or those with mobility issues. With some help from you when getting into the bed, your pet can still enjoy the cooling effect of this elevated bed.


  • Has a cooling, elevated feature that offers ventilation for Yorkshire Terriers during hot weather.
  • Has a durable and portable design for outdoor and indoor options.


  • Elevation may not be ideal for Teacup Yorkshire Terriers.
  • Not applicable for Yorkshire Terriers who love to cuddle, nest, and dig in a fluffy and plush conventional dog bed. 

Features to Consider for a Dog Bed for Yorkshire Terrier

Looking for the best dog bed for Yorkshire Terriers is not as easy as it seems, especially if you didn’t know what features you should look for in a dog bed that will fit your Yorkshire Terrier’s needs. 

Don’t worry because I am here to help you pick the best features and materials that you should look for in a Yorkshire Terrier bed!

BrandBest Friends by Sheri Calming Donut Dog BedBedsure Small Dog BedFurHaven Oval Pet BedK&H Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Pet BedCoolaroo Original Cooling Elevated Pet Bed
SizeSmall to Extra Large SizeSmall SizeSmall to Jumbo SizeSmall SizeLarge Size
TypeFiber-filled, nesting typeFiber-filled with basic cushion typeFiber-filled with basic cushion typeBasic cushion typeElevated type
MaterialVegan faux shag fur, fiber fillingMicrofiber fleece, water-resistant oxford, fiber and plush filledVarieties of fabric including plush fabric, foam and polyester fiber filledPolyester fabric with soft microfleece and specialized heat insulation layersHigh-density polyethylene, alloy steel, and fabric

Bed Size

As simple as you think it is, dog beds do not commonly come in a variety of sizes. There are also one-size dog beds that can be smaller or more spacious than it looks.

A Yorkshire terrier lying on a dog bed

With that, it is best to look for a dog bed that offers a variety of sizes and even styles to match your Yorkshire Terrier’s size and needs. It is advisable to look for the size and dimensions of a dog bed before purchasing it, especially through online shops.

However, there are also dog beds that offer their bed in various sizes, including the Best Friend by Sheri Dog Bed and FurHaven Oval Dog Bed for a more fitting option for your dog’s size.


Dog beds also come with different types that will cater to the dog’s various needs. It is also equally important to understand and know what type of bed is suitable for your Yorkshire Terrier’s age, health, and needs. Here are the different types of dog beds available in the market.

  • Orthopedic: Orthopedic dog beds come with memory foam for intimate and added comfort, particularly relevant for senior Yorkshire Terriers who love to take long naps and rest.
  • Elevated: Elevated dog beds are known for their cooling properties and sanitary materials that help with hotspots, inflamed skin, and rashes caused by skin allergies and problems. This dog bed is perfect for Yorkshire terriers with allergies or sensitive skin or Yorkshire terriers who love to go outside and travel since it is usually portable, durable, and easy-to-clean in design.
  • Self-warming: Self-warming dog beds are sustainable beds for Yorkshire terriers who love and need warmth and heat, especially during cold climates and low-temperature weather to prevent hypothermia and common colds.
  • Fiber-filled: Fiber-filled dog beds are common for Yorkshire terrier beds due to their soft and plushy feel, best for dogs who want to have softer beds to sleep in.
  • Basic cushion: Basic cushion dog beds are made with soft foam, which is not as soft and fluffy as fiber filling but is sturdy and a more affordable type that fits the best with health and young Yorkshire Terriers.
  • Nest: Nest dog beds are characterized by their oval or donut-like design that is best for nesting and digging Yorkshire Terriers. It is also sturdy enough to withstand the digging and nesting habits of dogs.

High-Quality Materials

The types of Yorkshire Terrier beds usually give away the quality of the materials used in dog beds. As such, fiber-filled and basic cushion types use fiber-filling or foam filling, which contributes to the softness and plushness of these kinds of dog beds.

A close-up image of a Yorkshire terrier in a dog bed

This goes the same for the different types of dog beds too. Suppose you’re looking for a sturdy, easy-to-clean, and high-quality material in dog beds.

Elevated dog beds usually fit into these factors, like the Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed that uses high-quality fabric and alloy steel that makes your Yorkshire Terrier’s bed more breathable and durable for use.

There are also beds like Best Friends by Sheri Dog Bed with a high-quality fiber filling coupled with vegan faux shag fur for a more luxurious and extra soft texture and ambiance for your beloved pet’s comfort and style!

Yorkshire Terrier Size

Yorkshire Terriers, despite being famous for their small sizes, actually have a variety of sizes. As such, it is vital to take into account their bed size for added comfort and space. Not all Yorkshire Terrier beds have a variation of sizes that can accommodate larger than normal Yorkshires in the market.

Here are the various Yorkshire Terrier breed sizes for more detailed information:

  • Average or toy size: Weigh around seven pounds and six to nine inches in height.
  • Large size: Weight can exceed seven pounds and around seven to10 inches in height.
  • Larger size: Can weigh more than eight to10 pounds.
  • Mini size: Weighs around three to seven pounds.
  • Teacup size: Weighs no more than three pounds with no more than six inches in height.

Given that Yorkshire Terriers come in different sizes, comfortable and versatile beds like Best Friends by Sheri Dog Bed and FurHaven Oval Pet Bed are the best option for dog beds.

Health Condition

Yorkshire Terriers have sensitive health, especially when they are older. Thus, it is crucial to take note of their health when buying dog beds that can make their rest and nap time more comfortable and peaceful.

For instance, young Yorkshire Terriers are usually healthy, which is why it is best for them to have affordable yet high-quality dog beds like Bedsure Small Dog Bed and FurHaven Oval Pet Bed that will fit their needs just right.

However, if you have a Yorkshire Terrier with health conditions, you might look for specific features in bed.

  • For temperature and climate-sensitive Yorkshire terriers, the K&H Self-Warming Pet Bed is the best for keeping them warm and comfortable during cold winter nights and low temperatures.
  • If your Yorkshire Terrier suffers from allergies and hotspots due to extreme heat and high temperature, elevated beds like Coolaroo Pet Bed is the go-to bed for them.
Yorkshire Terrier lying on one of the best dog bed for Yorkshire terrier

Frequently Asked Questions

What Bed Size Does a Yorkshire Terrier Need? 

A small size bed with 27” x 20” measurement should be enough for a regular size Yorkshire terrier since they are considered toy breeds. Still, it’s more applicable to determine the actual measurements of the dog bed before purchase.

Do Yorkies Like to Sleep With You?

Yorkshire Terriers can learn to sleep with their owners since they can shadow their owner’s daily routines. It is also common for Yorkshire terriers to wake up at the same time as their owners do. With this, they make a very good companion and the family dog.

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There are different types and varieties of dog beds in the market that you can find for your Yorkshire Terrier. However, not all of them walk the talk when it comes to the quality and comfort that they can bring to your precious dog.

Thus, I give you the best dog bed for Yorkshire terriers, so you don’t have to compromise for your dog!