What Is a Bull Terrier?

Adult Bull Terrier

Some dogs are considered aggressive and dangerous. They are not considered as good house dogs. However, there are dogs that you can train to lessen or remove aggression, just like a Bull Terrier. What is a Bull Terrier, and how can you train it to be a good house dog? What Is a Bull Terrier? …

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How Much Does a Miniature Bull Terrier Cost?

Miniature Bull Terrier

If you want to own a bull terrier and yet you’re overwhelmed with its size, there is a mini version of it that may suit you. A miniature bull terrier looks exactly like a normal bull terrier. The only difference is the size and the price. So, how much does a miniature bull terrier cost? …

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What Should I Do About Ticks Bites On My Boston Terrier?


As unpleasant as they are to the sight, ticks are also unpleasant when it comes to your Boston Terrier’s health. What should you do about ticks bites on your Boston Terrier? How can you get rid of these tiny vampires lurking around and feeding on the blood of your Boston Terrier?  What Should I Do …

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What Brush Type Is Best For a Boston Terrier?

Pet fur brush

A Boston Terrier’s coat is thin and short. If you’re brushing your dog’s coat, it’s necessary to use a specific kind of brush that’s ideal for what type of coat your pet has. So, what brush type is best for a Boston Terrier?  What Brush Type Is Best For a Boston Terrier? A bristle brush …

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What Can I Feed My Boston Terrier to Help Her Lose Weight?

Dog food in a blue bowl

Watching your Boston Terrier gain too much weight is very concerning. The issue of being overweight leads to health problems like diabetes and may shorten the lifespan of your beloved dog. To help your dog back to its healthy weight, you need to choose what food to give her. So, what can you feed your …

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What Is the Best Harness for My Boston Terrier? [2021 Review]

Boston Terrier wearing a red harness

Does your Boston Terrier love to go for a walk? You may be asking, what is the best harness for my Boston Terrier? Well, we’ve got good news for you! In this article, we reviewed four of the best harnesses for your Boston Terrier, so let’s walk you through them.  Our Top Boston Terrier Harness …

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How Much Are the English Bull Terrier Puppies?

English Bull Terrier

English Bull Terriers rank 64th in the American Kennel Club 2020 most popular dog breeds. They are quite popular dog breeds and come a bit pricey. Owning one will require your 100 percent commitment as Bull Terriers demand special attention and care. First, let’s find out how much a puppy costs. How Much Are the …

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How Much Is a Bull Terrier?

Bull terrier running outdoors

Bull Terriers are known for their long and uncommon face. They are also known to be mid-sized and sturdy dogs. If you want to know how much is a bull terrier, you’ve come to read the right article. We are also going to talk about how to take care of bull terriers and their temperament.  …

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When Should I Move My Boston Terrier to Senior Food?

Bowl of dog food for senior Boston Terriers

As a Boston Terrier ages, his food nutrient requirements change. Senior dogs require a combination of nutrients different from puppies or adult dogs, which is why transitioning your senior Boston Terrier to senior dog food is recommended. When Should I Move My Boston Terrier to Senior Food? You can slowly transition your Boston Terrier to …

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What Are the Shots a Boston Terrier Puppy Needs?

Sleepy Boston Terrier puppy

Puppies have low immunity levels that make them susceptible to different kinds of diseases. The good news is, they can acquire immunity against these potential diseases through various shots. So, what are the shots a Boston Terrier puppy needs? What Are The Shots A Boston Terrier Puppy Needs? Boston Terrier puppies need several vaccination shots …

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