At What Age Is It Possible to Potty Train a Boston Terrier?

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At what age is it possible to potty train a Boston Terrier? Are you thinking about when to start as well? Wondering whether is it hard to train them? I am going through these questions in this article. Keep reading!

At What Age Is It Possible to Potty Train a Boston Terrier?

A Boston Terrier can be potty trained at an average age of 6 months. Some Boston Terriers can be trained earlier or later than this. They can be potty trained successfully with your helpful supervision.

Graphic image of a black and white Boston Terrier with a yellow stain explaining that you can potty train them at 6 months old

You need to consider the area, the signs given by your dog when they need to pee or poo, setting up a routine, and how to deal with potty accidents even if they are already trained.

Signs That Your Boston Terrier Needs to Go Potty

Part of the success in potty training your dog is knowing the signs when they need to go. You may prevent accidents by being aware of their potty needs. Here are the signs that you should remember.

  • Whining and keeps on moving around
  • Raising his tail
  • Keeps on sniffing or finding a spot
  • Paces restlessly
  • Squatting

Boston Terrier’s Potty Frequency in Different Life Stage

Age of Boston TerrierAverage Interval of Potty Breaks
8 to 10 weeks 30 to 60 minutes
2 to 3 months 2 hours
4 months 4 hours
18 months 6 hours
18+ months (adult) 6 to 8 hours

How Long Can Boston Terriers Hold Their Pee?

Smaller dogs need to potty more often than larger ones for a very obvious reason. Larger dogs have a bigger bladder to hold their pee compared to my little Boston Terriers. Another thing to consider is their age. A puppy below 16 weeks of age is still unable to hold its pee and poo. 

This is another good reason why puppies need to stay with their mom for at least 8 weeks. Their mom needs to train them to release their waste. Once the puppy is no longer with the mom, it is now your responsibility to train them to potty at the proper place.

Here’s a guide to know how often your dog needs a potty break. This may vary for individual dogs.

Potty Breaks Based on Age

Boston terrier on a dog bed

The basic rule is easy to remember. If your Boston Terrier is a month old or two, it means that it needs to potty at least every hour. Just add an hour for every additional month. A one-year-old dog can hold its pee for at least 6 hours. A healthy adult dog can pee every six to eight hours.

Remember not to push it to their limits. Let them pee at least 30 minutes before the average time that they need to pee. Take into consideration if they have some condition wherein they need to pee more often.

How to Potty Train a Boston Terrier Puppy

Potty training your Boston Terrier puppy needs cooperation from both of you. It takes a lot of patience and positivity as well. Here are some things that you should remember when potty training your puppy.

Choose a Potty Area

Before even starting to potty train your pup, make sure that you have already prepared the area where he can pee or poo. It should be clean to avoid unwanted diseases or infections. The potty area should be quiet and accessible. It should also be comfortable.

If you’re planning to train your Boston Terrier to potty inside, crate training is one of the best options.

Strictly Follow a Schedule

Feeding your dog regularly at the same time of the day may result in a regular schedule for pee and poo time. Develop a feeding and potty schedule for your Boston Terrier. Giving it a schedule allows it to know what to do and what to expect after every mealtime.

Aside from the mealtime schedule, your Boston Terrier may want to pee or poo after a nap, playtime, exercise, a ride, or when he smelled another dog’s pee. Remember to take them to the potty area before sleeping at night.

Supervise Them at All Times

Do not allow your Boston Terrier to potty on its own. Put it on a leash so that it will not wander around. Make sure to put your Boston Terrier in the potty area. Monitor it until it knows what to do. Allow your Boston Terrier to finish before praising them or giving them a treat. 

After a potty time, give them at least five to ten minutes to stay outside with you to make it more enjoyable. Make potty time a rewarding time for them. It doesn’t always mean giving a treat.

Person touching a Boston terrier's chin

Give a Potty Command

Try giving your Boston Terrier a cue word like “go pee,” “potty.” Make sure to give an association between what they are doing and the word that you want them to remember. Make your voice sound motivating and non-threatening. 

While saying the potty command word, try pointing to the potty area to help them understand what you’re trying to tell them. Reward them for learning the potty command by simply petting them. If you’re more generous, give a 5-minute walk, especially in the morning.

Remember that Consistency Is the Key

Routine is very important for Boston Terriers. If you have established a good routine for potty time, the training will be easier. Be consistent in what you’re doing even after they know what to do. Do not assume that they will always remember it. 

Your Boston Terrier is still a dog and accidents may happen. Just be patient and never punish them for peeing or pooing unexpectedly or out of schedule.

Do not punish them by putting their snout on their mess. It will give them a negative association and may sneak out more and hide from you when they need to potty.

How Long Does It Take To Potty Train a Boston Terrier?

It will take several days for a Boston Terrier to be potty trained. Some Boston Terriers may take months to learn. With consistency and patience, you can achieve a result faster.

Are Boston Terriers Hard to Potty Train?

No. A Boston Terrier is an intelligent breed. If trained in a proper way and with proper supervision and motivation, they can learn easily.

How Do I Stop My Boston Terrier From Pooping in the House?

To stop your Boston Terrier from pooping in the house, don’t let them inside the house until it poops. After pooping, give it a reward to retain the behavior. Allow your dog to play in the yard for a while before letting it back to the house.



A Boston Terrier can be trained at an age of 6 months old. For potty training to be successful, you need to be consistent in supervising them. Make the experience rewarding and non-threatening. Praise them or give them a treat for peeing or pooing in the correct potty area.