Are Jack Russell Terriers Good With Other Dogs?

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Since different dog breeds have distinct personality traits, sizes, appearances, and intelligence levels, you might want to own more than one dog breed. Before you adopt a Jack Russell Terrier, you might want to know how it relates with other dogs. So, are Jack Russell Terriers good with other dogs? 

Are Jack Russell Terriers Good With Other Dogs?

Jack Russell Terriers are good with other dogs as long as you socialize them while still young. Introducing a new dog to an adult Jack Russell Terrier might make it aggressive due to its territorial nature.

The best way to socialize a new dog with an adult Jack Russell Terrier is to keep the dogs in a new environment where no dog feels territorial. 

However, the ease of socializing a Jack Russell Terrier with other dogs also depends on the lifestyle, environment, level of training, and the breed of the dog you are socializing it with. Regardless of the age of your Jack Russell Terrier, the following tips can help you socialize it with other dogs.

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Be Slow and Steady 

Keeping in mind that a Jack Russell Terrier will see any new dog as an intruder, it’s advisable to keep the process slow and steady. Typically, this gives your Jack Russell Terrier enough time to realize that the new dog is a harmless companion.

You also prevent excessive aggression and fights by letting the dogs meet while on a leash or let them see each other while separated by a transparent barrier. Usually, this will prevent confrontation that can kill the trust that might be starting to build up.

Socialize Them at a Young Age

In most cases, puppies share the same personality traits, appearance, and sizes, regardless of their breed. That means Jack Russell Terrier puppies will be social and playful with the other puppies and might not realize the difference between them and the other dog breeds. 

In most cases, this trust and companionship remain even after they grow up and differ in physical appearance and personality traits. They will have learned how to share the same place, and no dog will be overprotective.

Socialize Them in a New Environment 

An adult Jack Russell Terrier is territorial and protective, and introducing a new dog into its environment or territory might lead to aggression and fights. The best way to avoid aggression is to take both dogs into a new environment.

Since every dog will be adapting to the new environment, no dog will see the other as an intruder. Consider taking the dogs to dog parks and public places where they can meet and interact with other dogs.

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Dogs That Can Make a Good Companion for a Jack Russell Terrier

Although you can socialize a Jack Russell Terrier with any dog breed, it’s more compatible with dog breeds that have similar personality traits or physical attributes. The following are some dogs that can make good companions for Jack Russell Terriers. 

  • Lap dogs: Lap dogs are fairly small dogs that can lie on a person’s lap or be held in the arms. Since lap dogs such as Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Yorkshire Terrier, and Chihuahua are intelligent, affectionate, and loyal to their owners, just like the Jack Russell Terrier, they can make good companions for Jack Russell Terriers.
  • Herding dogs: Since most herding dogs such as the German Shepherd or Border Collie are large and energetic, they are not aggressive against smaller breeds such as Jack Russell Terriers. That means a Jack Russell Terrier can become territorial and roam freely in the companion of these dogs. 
  • Watch dogs: Watch dogs such as Pitbulls and Rottweilers are aggressive, protective, and territorial, just like the Jack Russell Terriers. That means watchdogs can be great companions for JRTs once they have socialized enough, built trust, and started working as a team. However, these traits mean you will need to socialize them when still young before they become protective and territorial.  
  • Poodle: Poodles are intelligent, affectionate, and friendly dogs that can easily adapt and be a good companion for a Jack Russell Terrier
  • Terriers: Most Terrier breeds such as Smooth Fox Terriers, Miniature Schnauzers, West Highland White Terriers, and Cairn Terriers are energetic and have high exercise requirements, just like the Jack Russell Terrier. That means they can become great companions during exercises once you socialize them.
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Related Questions

Why Are Jack Russell Terriers Not Good With Small Dogs?

Jack Russell Terriers are not good with small dogs due to their hunting instincts. If not well socialized, they will see small dogs as prey and keep chasing them. Keep in mind that they can get aggressive and severely injure or kill a small dog if provoked.

How Long Does a Jack Russell Terrier Take To Socialize With Other Dogs?

In most cases, a Jack Russell Terrier takes 4 to 12 weeks to socialize with other dogs. However, this duration will depend on the age, level of training, the breed you are socializing it with, and the socialization techniques you are using.

Final Thoughts 

Jack Russell Terriers are social and can get along well with other dogs as long as there is adequate socialization. Although you can socialize Jack Russell Terriers with any dog breed, they are more compatible with larger dogs that seem not to hinder their territorial and protective nature.