Are Jack Russell Terriers Good Family Dogs?

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You may be considering getting a dog for your family, you have done your research, and now you are wondering, are Jack Russell terriers good family dogs? What makes them good family dogs, or what does not make them suitable for a family looking to get a dog.

Are Jack Russell Terriers Good Family Dogs?

Jack Russell terriers are good family dogs because they are intelligent, playful, and loyal, which endears them to most people looking for family dogs. They always want to keep members of the family safe and tend to be protective over them.

Jack Russells are also affectionate and devoted to their owners.

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This breed was initially bred for hunting. Most people who have qualms about them being good family dogs base it on this. However, with proper training, love, and affection, you will have a good, well-behaved Jack Russell terrier.

What Makes Jack Russell Terriers Great Family Dogs?

To make a good family dog, you have to consider several factors.

High Energy Levels

Jack Russell terriers have high energy levels that they do not seem to outgrow even as they get older. You will not have to worry about your terrier around them, from young kids to teenagers. You can opt for a puppy so that it grows alongside your children, learn tricks, and play with them.

Because of their hunting background, they need to be stimulated and use up the high energy levels they have. Exercises such as running and chasing are a great way to ensure they do this. If you are an individual who loves running, a Jack Russell terrier will keep up with you and even challenge you to get faster.

You want to keep a dog that your children can keep up with and vice versa. If that is not the case, you will likely have problems as they will not get along, and your dog will feel threatened. When threatened, most dogs tend to bite. Getting a dog with the same energy will avoid such issues.

Few Health Concerns

Losing your dog to an illness can be a traumatic experience. Compared to other terriers, these terriers do not have many health concerns. You will be able to avoid most vet visits and get them treatment for conditions that they may develop.

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To ensure that your visits are even fewer, ensure you get your dog from a reputable breeder who is ethical and will not lie to you about conditions that your dog may develop in the future. The American Kennel Club recommends tests that can be done to have a clear picture of the health of a Jack Russell. They include:

  • PLL DNA Test
  • Patella Evaluation
  • BAER Testing
  • Ophthalmologist Evaluation

When you choose to adopt from a shelter or a rescue center, you may not have the luxury of getting a Jack Russell that is healthy compared to getting it from a reputable breeder.

Easy Grooming

When getting a dog, most people forget about the grooming cost, which is quite costly for most dogs that require regular grooming. Jack Russell terriers are easy to groom, and the grooming can be done by anyone in the family, including kids. They have to be careful so as not to harm the dog.

The kind of grooming your furry friend will need includes:

  • Bathing your dog with warm water and dog shampoo.
  • Clipping nails when you notice they have grown. File them to ensure they do not hurt themselves.
  • Cleaning their ears using a cleaning solution and gauze or cotton wool.
  • Use a dog toothbrush and toothpaste to clean their teeth at least once a week.

When it comes to grooming, ensure you do it from when your dog is a puppy. It is never too young to get its teeth brushed, or ear cleaned. When it is older, it will make grooming easy and enjoyable for all of you.

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Related Questions

Similar questions you may have are answered below.

Can Jack Russell Terriers Stay Home Alone?

Jack Russell terriers can stay home alone. However, it should be for a small amount of time and not long hours. When they stay home alone for a long time, they may become depressed, sad, and mentally disturbed. They have a lot of energy and need attention.

Do Jack Russell Terriers Feel Irritated When Held?

Jack Russell terriers do not feel irritated when held, they like to be held, and any attention you lavish on them will be welcome. However, some Jack Russell terriers may become irritated when held for too long.

You have to hold them for some time, let them go, and then hold them again.


Jack Russell terriers are good family dogs. They are good for all types of households and are especially good for children. If you are looking for your first family dog, it will set the standard for any dogs you will be looking to get in the future.