Are Boston Terriers Good With Other Dogs?

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Boston Terriers are known to be good companion dogs. They enjoy the company of their owners. Is it the same with other animals? Are Boston Terriers good with other dogs?

Are Boston Terriers Good With Other Dogs?

Generally, yes. Boston Terriers are good with other dogs. They will get along well with other dogs as long as they have been properly trained and socialized at an early stage. Some Boston Terriers will bark at other dogs as their way of saying, “Hello!”

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Socialization starts as early as four weeks old with their mom, littermates, and the breeder. They need to get used to the presence of other dogs and humans around them. As a result, you lessen the chance of them being aggressive or shy.

Boston Terrier Temperament

The typical temperament of a Boston Terrier is gentle, friendly, outgoing, not aggressive, nor fearful. The personality of your Boston may be different from the Boston Terrier of your friend, or with someone you watched on YouTube. They are all different.

Some Boston Terriers are calmer and well-behaved. Some may be hyperactive and super playful. Sometimes, it is a mixture of both personalities. Whatever the temperament of your Boston Terrier is, you should understand it and work on some training as necessary.

New Dog Adjustment Tips for Your Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are typically cool and friendly dogs. However; introducing a new dog in the family, whether is another Boston Terrier or other breeds, can be stressful sometimes. These tips may help your Boston and his new friend-to-be adjust to each other.

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  1. Do their first meeting outside the house. Though Boston Terriers are not very territorial, they still don’t want invaders. Seeing another dog on their bed, for example, would not be a good start.
  2. For the first few meetings, make sure to keep them on a leash. This is to protect both of them in case the other one reacts negatively.
  3. Make the first few meetings short. Gradually increase these meeting times and take note of their reactions. If they some signs of aggressiveness, make sure to keep them away from each other for a while.
  4. The ultimate key is patience. Don’t force them to like each other at the first meeting. Give them time to be accustomed to each other without pressure.

Once all issues are resolved, after so many smelling and moving in circles, they should be good companions in no time. 

Do Boston Terriers Get Along Well With Other Pets?

I now know that Boston Terriers are friendly companion dogs. When it comes to other pets, such as a cat, they can be good friends, too. They are not aggressive to cats. They may bark but not in an angry way. 

If your cat is still too small, don’t leave it alone with your Boston Terrier. They may have a tendency to hunt this poor little kitty.

Training and Socialization with Other Pets

Training and socialization are two good keys to prevent your Boston Terrier from being an unfriendly and aggressive dog. Starting early will make a big difference as they’re growing up. It will be easier for you to handle as well. You will see why training is important.

Boston Terrier high fiving his owner

Here are some ways on how to train and socialize your Boston Terrier:

  • Have Regular Walks

Slowly and carefully introduce your Boston Terrier to the world outside. The more it sees people, children, teens, adults, strangers, and family alike, the more it will get used to it. Make sure it’s trained to walk on a leash. Take it around the block or to the nearest park. 

Take it easy and try not to overwhelm your dog. If there are lots of people in that place, take your dog somewhere that is not as crowded. A doubled number of people than what they usually see at home is a good start. 

As you progress, you can choose a more crowded place that your Boston can be allowed to, like a mall, park, or some gatherings. By doing this training, you can also avoid them having separation anxiety.

  • Introduce Your Boston Terrier to Other Animals

Training your Boston to be friendly with humans is a little different when it comes to animals. Other animals may be big or small, some are aggressive, some are shy. All of these factors can affect the training. 

Boston Terriers are social butterflies. They just need to get used to what they’re seeing or smelling. Let them meet other pets in a controlled environment. Both of them should be on a leash and the owner should be attentive in case of an accident. 

Couple holding their Boston Terriers

Prepare some treats to give your dog for acting nicely. Make socializing a rewarding and fun activity for him. Once your Boston Terrier is used to other pets, you can try taking them to a pet park and see how they react. You must know if they’re feeling some discomfort, such as excessive panting or not being able to stay in one place.

  • Be Consistent and Timely

Training can be slow progress. It doesn’t work like magic overnight. It may take days, weeks, or even months. The key is to be consistent in your training schedule. Do not let a day pass without doing anything to socialize your dog

After the training period, you will have fewer worries about your Boston Terrier being stubborn or aggressive with other people or animals.

Is the Boston Terrier a Jealous Dog?

A Boston Terrier can become a jealous and over-possessive dog if socialization is not done properly. This behavior can be corrected or prevented by proper training especially at an early stage.

Do Boston Terriers Bark a Lot?

No. Barking is not a problem with Boston Terriers. Barking is rarely a sign of aggression to them as well. Usually, they bark if they want to get your attention or other dog’s attention.

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Boston Terriers are good with other dogs. Training them at an early age will enhance their good personality towards other people and other animals. Boston Terriers are naturally gentle, easygoing, and non-aggressive dogs.