Are Boston Terriers Good Family Pets?

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Boston Terriers come with a diverse set of personalities, quirks, and living needs. With different things to consider, are Boston Terriers good family pets? I’m going to look into characteristics and conditions that can help you determine if it’s time to bring home a Boston Terrier to your family.

Are Boston Terriers Good Family Pets?

The fun-loving and intelligent nature of Boston Terriers makes them good family pets. They have the confidence and charm to mingle easily with children, senior citizens, other pets, and even strangers. While Boston Terriers have some health issues, you can manage this as long as you understand how to take care of them. 

Reasons Why Boston Terriers Would Make Great Family Dogs 

A cheerful disposition, the eagerness to bond with humans, and protective instincts are some of the reasons why Boston Terriers would make a great addition to your family. Let’s look into these characteristics and living requirements of Boston Terriers before joining the 51% of owners who consider dogs as family.

Boston Terrier doing good as a new family pet and swimming with a little kid
  • Size: If you’re wondering how big Boston Terriers are, know that they weigh 10 to 25 pounds on average. Adult ones stand 16 to 17 inches. This compact size allows Boston Terriers to adapt whether you live in an apartment or a big house. 
  • Values companionship: Boston Terriers seek human companionship, and they prefer being close to their family. 
  • Alertness: Boston Terriers are above average barkers, so they have the initiative to put their barking into good use. They will alert you if they notice any threat or something out of the ordinary.
  • High energy: Boston Terriers have a lot of energy to burn, and you can help them through exercising and playing for 30 to 60 minutes daily. In this way, they can avoid having pent-up energy that may cause them to become hyperactive. 
  • Minimal grooming: Boston Terriers only need minimal maintenance thanks to their naturally short and sleek coat. To ensure proper hygiene, it would be best to schedule weekly baths and teeth brushing, as well as monthly nail trimming.
  • Tolerant to indoor temperatures: You won’t have to worry about a Boston Terrier escaping and running outside because it is more of an indoor dog. Since the breed does not do well in extreme cold and heat outdoors, they prefer the ambient temperatures inside of a home. 

Physical Traits That Make Boston Terriers Great Family Pets

The muscles around the eyes of dogs have evolved to allow them to make expressions that appeal to humans. With a Boston Terrier’s small stature and face, I begin to see even adult Terriers as infant-like, prompting a parental, nurturing response from us. 

A Boston Terrier’s expressive eyes capture human attention and manipulate emotions. The way they tilt their heads even elicits a strong response from me to care for them. 

Boston Terriers as Good Dogs for Children and the Elderly

Boston Terriers usually interact well with kids because of their friendly, gentle, and loyal disposition. Although they can be energetic, proper training and exercise should help them behave more calmly around toddlers. Their intellect and curiosity also make them the ideal buddies for kids who enjoy interactive playtimes. 

Boston Terrier high fiving his pawrent

Aside from that, Boston Terriers can be very protective of their owners, letting you rely on them as safe canine companions. They prefer a good walk over a run, so they can serve as great motivators to help toddlers learn how to walk and for older people to remain active. 

Politeness and extreme sensitivity toward owners’ moods are also factors that make Boston Terriers the ideal family dog. These traits enable them to gauge what’s happening in their environment and adjust their playfulness depending on the person they are accompanying. However, they can lose trust in people if they feel neglected.

Human Behavior’s Influence in Boston Terriers as Family Pets

A survey shows 58% of the respondents believe dog attacks are isolated incidents caused by bad owners, not due to the breed. In fact, the inheritance of temperament is less predictable than the inheritance of physical features. As owners, how I raise and train Boston Terriers can influence whether they would become good family pets. 

Boston Terriers are among the smartest breeds you’ll ever see. However, they can also be quite stubborn, particularly if you don’t give them attention. Training can help me balance these traits to ensure Boston Terriers learn how to obey commands, and I can start with physical activities like short sessions of:

  • Fetch with ball launchers and chew toys 
  • Jogging at the dog park
  • Backyard swimming
  • Mind games using dog toys like puzzle plush
Boston Terrier walking in the snow with his pawrent

You can train Boston Terriers with praises and treats. Keep in mind that they are a sensitive bunch, so punishment may only cause them to feel agitated. As long as you remain patient in training, a Boston Terrier will adhere to basic commands and tricks you teach.

Still need more answers before buying or adopting a Boston Terrier? Let’s look into them before wrapping up. 

Are Boston Terriers Good With Other Pets?

Boston Terriers generally get along with other pets, even cats, especially if they grow up together. Like other breeds, they may bark at pets they don’t know, although they can gradually become friendly after some moments of socialization. 

Are Boston Terriers Picky Eaters? 

Boston Terriers are picky eaters, although you can easily feed them once you find the best dog food for their age. Some Boston Terriers are prone to flatulence or passing gas, so it’s essential that you prepare the right meal plan to avoid indigestion. After that, adult Terriers only need to eat twice a day

Are Boston Terriers Healthy? 

Boston Terriers are brachycephalic, which means they have flat faces and noses that cause a restriction in the nasal airway. Unfortunately, this results in breathing problems, snorting, wheezing, snuffling, and snoring. With proper diet, rest, exercise, and checkup, you should be able to enjoy many years with the Boston Terrier as a family pet. 

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Boston Terriers make great family pets because of their affectionate, dependable, cheerful, and outgoing personalities. While Boston Terriers also have imperfections, the important thing is that I develop a loving and caring relationship with them.

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