Are Boston Terrier Good Dogs?

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Are Boston Terrier good dogs? Some Boston Terriers can be calm and gentle, whereas others tend to be clownish and hyperactive. With such diverse characteristics, let’s take a look at the qualities that make a Boston Terrier a good dog.

Are Boston Terrier Good Dogs?

Like most breeds, Boston Terriers are good dogs. They are among the most charming and fun-loving pets you can have, even for first-time owners. With their intellect and obedience, Boston Terriers are also good dogs to train to be around people, especially children and the elderly. 

Traits That Make a Boston Terrier a Good Dog 

Boston Terriers are generally good-natured, with their cheerful and laidback disposition helping them mingle well with people and other animals. These are more of the traits that make a Boston Terrier a good dog.

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  • Alertness: Even if a Boston Terrier has a childlike sense of humor, its instincts as a canine allows it to become observant. For this reason, they also know how to analyze a situation and proceed with caution. 
  • Empathy: This trait enables Terriers to be highly sensitive to people’s feelings and moods, allowing them to strengthen their connection with their owners.  
  • Affectionate: Like humans, Boston Terriers like to show affection through touch. Hence, they don’t easily get startled with petting and snuggling. Moreso, dogs experience a 130% rise in oxytocin levels through mutual gazing with their owners. 
  • Sense of Belonging: Similar to affection, a sense of belonging is necessary for a healthy emotional state. By being close to people, Boston Terriers feel they belong in the pack.
  • Mouthiness: This breed has a low tendency for chewing, nipping, play-biting, or herding humans.
  • Energetic: Terriers have high energy levels, making them suitable for active people who enjoy having a running or playing companion. Since they are sensitive toward people, they can adjust their enthusiasm depending on your energy level. 

Boston Terrier Suitability for First-Time Owners 

Being a new owner is one of the reasons why people tend to ask if a breed is good. In fact, 78% of people consider a dog’s personality a crucial aspect of their decision to adopt. Fortunately, a Boston Terrier is a good dog for newbie owners.  

With Boston being the dog’s ancestral city, it is genetically wired to adapt to urban life. Compared to other breeds, they aren’t as likely to confront other dogs when taken on walks or to the dog park. Additionally, their small size lets them thrive even in small living spaces. 

Like other dogs, a Boston Terrier likes to exercise. It enjoys running around with other pets, going on walks, and playing fetch with a ball or frisbee. While most Terriers come with high energy levels, there are some that are more reserved and don’t require extensive activities. 

Aside from that, a Boston Terrier is a highly sociable pet, so they love attention. Owning one means having a pet that may constantly follow you around the house. Finally, since a Boston Terrier doesn’t have long hair, you won’t have many difficulties in grooming and maintenance. 

Woman training a Boston Terrier to be a good dog

Boston Terrier As Good Guard Dogs   

The following traits not only make a Boston Terrier a good dog, these also allow the breed to become excellent guard dogs. 

  • Muscular body: Even if Boston Terriers have an average weight of around 10 to 25 pounds and stands between 16 to 17 inches, their stout, muscular build allow them to have energetic bodies.
  • Superb hearing: Most breeds, including Boston Terriers, have highly sensitive hearing, letting them listen to frequencies above what we can hear. As long as we take care of your pet’s ears properly, its sensitive hearing can enhance its attentiveness and obedience. 
  • Excellent barkers: Boston Terriers are above average barkers, causing them to bark even when someone is approaching your door. While they are not loud dogs, they will bark if they sense a threat.
  • Devoted: Boston Terriers tend to be loyal to their owners, enabling them to become protective and caring. They may show defensive stances, especially when they see their owners are in danger. 
  • Bred to be fighters: The breed has dog-fighting roots, giving it a combative instinct when necessary. 

Aptitude for Training

If brilliance and a watchful nature are among your parameters of being a good dog, then you’re in for a treat as these traits make it relatively convenient to train Boston Terriers

Most of the time, Terriers are receptive to training because they are fast learners. They are also people-pleasers, resulting in them trying their best to learn tricks and commands to earn treats and praises. 

Some Boston Terriers tend to be impulsive, so it’s essential to train them in a calm environment. Likewise, they can have a stubborn side, especially when they feel left out. As a result, there may be times when they ignore commands. 

All things considered, how you socialize and train with your Boston Terrier can influence how it can be a good dog. 

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Related Questions

Still not sure? Let’s answer a couple more questions to show you how good Boston Terriers are.

Are Boston Terriers Good for Families With Children?

The friendly, playful, and cheerful disposition of Boston Terriers makes them safe companions for families, even if there are kids. They don’t get aggressive unless provoked and threatened, so they can usually stay calm and gentle around children. However, Boston Terriers can quickly lose trust around people who treat them poorly. 

Are There Bad Boston Terriers? 

A Boston Terrier may have a terrible attitude if you neglect to train it properly. Upbringing, living environment, and even your behavior can impact whether or not your Boston Terrier will become a bad dog. With that said, it would be helpful to care for and train your pet in a loving household. 

Should I Get a Boston Terrier? 

A Boston Terrier is a good dog choice if you love a polite, playful, and inquisitive pet. It isn’t as high maintenance compared to other breeds. As long as you can deal with its health issues and provide its daily needs, a Boston Terrier can share a happy and healthy life with you. 


Boston Terriers are good dogs for anyone who wants to care for a well-rounded pet with a striking personality. The breed’s friendly and energetic temperament offers a long, loving companionship that you can treasure for many years to come.