Are Boston Terriers Good Guard Dogs?

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Having a dog as a companion naturally gives the owner a sense of security and safety. You know that your dog will alert and protect you in case of danger. Now, does that apply to Boston Terriers? Are Boston Terriers good guard dogs?

Are Boston Terriers Good Guard Dogs?

Boston Terriers are good guard dogs and will bark to raise the alarm and try to protect their owners in dangerous situations. However, this dog may need to be more effective in scaring away intruders or fighting off attackers.

Woman in a purple t-shirt and blue jeans training a black and white Boston Terrier in the park

A good guard dog will not only raise the alarm and inform its owners of oncoming hostilities by barking, but it should also secure the owner from dangerous situations by actively intervening, distinguishing it from what one would call a watchdog.

What Makes Boston Terriers Good Guard Dogs?

There are various characteristics that make this breed of dogs good for a guard dog, including the following:

  • They have excellent hearing: These dogs have an amazing sense of hearing that gives them a competitive edge over standard security alarm systems. They will also be able to pick out the slightest motion from their environment. This ability helps them to hear any intruders who might be approaching.
  • Bostons have good protective instincts: This means that they will take action if need be when danger arises to keep their owners safe. They will try to scare off intruders by barking and even attacking, if need be, away from your location as the owner. So much so even against mightier threats than itself.
  • These dogs are brave: They will not stop fighting any attackers for your sake, even when the threat is more significant than them.
  • Bostons have a strong loyalty to their owners: A dog will stick by your side till the end, even at the risk of coming to harm or danger.
  • Boston Terriers barely bark –  Because of how rare it is for them to bark when they do, you will know something is up.

What Makes Boston Terriers Poor Guard Dogs?

Even if Boston Terriers can be good guard dogs, they could be better. Several factors would make Boston Terriers poor guard dogs in different circumstances.

  • Its small size  – It becomes disadvantageous when it comes to scaring off predators that are bigger than it and also means it can quickly be taken down during a face-off with a lot of intruders.
  • They need to be better observers – They will not quickly take note of changes and thus may miss out on warning signs making it easy to be tricked by would-be intruders and unaware of their advances.
  • Boston Terriers are friendlyThis makes them a bad for you to have as a protector as it may allow external parties to freely enter its territories as long as they come off as friendly to it.
  • Have a tendency to wander and roam- These terriers have a high wanderlust potential and are thus likely to lose focus from staying on guard as they follow their desire to explore the world.

How to Train Your Boston Terrier to Be a Good Guard Dog

At times, what makes the difference between a good guard dog and a poor guard dog is the kind of training you give it. Here are some practices that will make your Boston Terrier a good guard:

A brown and white Boston terrier happily running on a beach
  • Basic obedience – This should be done systematically, starting with simple commands such as stop, sit, come, go or stay to increasingly difficult ones such as chase, attack, or bark.
  • Train the dog to control its impulse – By this, I mean to teach it to behave accordingly to unwelcomed and welcomed guests and when commanded to by you despite the situation. This should read your signals on when to sit, stay, lie down and when to attack or bark at your request and against its desires.
  • Show the dog property boundaries and property that belongs to you– This helps the dog identify the scope of its territory and the things not to be alarmed by. You should repeat this part just like the rest to allow the dog to remember clearly.
  • Teach your dog to be comfortable alone This ensures that it will not distract itself from getting mischievous or wandering off its post.
  • Put your dog to the test– After teaching the dog a new skill or a situational role it is to play, make sure to act out a natural situation to see whether or not the learned behavior will be done, even in the absence of the trainer.
  • Daily practice- Consistent daily practice with treats and praises; for example, when your dog barks at oncoming threats, it will make the reactions natural and reliable as the dog gets motivated.
  • Increase the distractions– These include the pairing of loud noises and giving tasty treats that a stranger would use to befriend your dog or scare it off with unpleasant consequences. Doing so will condition the dog to consider the stranger a nuisance to be dealt with whichever distractions the invader uses.

Related Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions

Are Boston Terriers Easy to Train?

Boston Terriers are easy to train dogs. It requires a little patience as they rank average on dogs intelligence. It takes an average of 25-45 repetitions to understand and remember commands.

Do Boston Terriers Bark a Lot?

The Boston Terriers hardly bark, making it a good choice to get if you ever wanted a quiet dog breed that barks only when there is a good reason to do so such as in an attempt to raise the alarm and when in fear.

How Much Bite Force Does a Boston Terrier Have?

A Boston Terrier packs a bite force of between 100 to 200 PSI. This is considered a weak bite force, where dogs with the weakest bite force range below 200 PSI. However, this does not mean it won’t leave a mark, as a bite is still a bite, no matter how small.


Even though Boston Terries are limited by their genetic make-up, especially physical, they make the ideal guard dog. In spirit, they make companions who will let you know when danger approaches and come to your defence if ever trouble comes, and this, more than some breeds, makes them a considerable option to go with for a guard dog for yourself.

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