1 Year Old Yorkshire Terrier: What to Expect

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Owning a Yorkshire terrier can be very exciting, especially if it is your very first dog. Having to watch it grow, learn, and change in both appearance and attitude will make you more connected and in love with your Yorkshire terrier. However, you should know what to expect from your Yorkies, especially when they turn 1 year old.

As an owner, it is best to know about what to expect when your Yorkshire terrier turns 1 year old. Their changes in body, size, and personality should be explored to understand their needs.  In this article, 1 year old Yorkshire: what to expect, I’ll give you a comprehensive guide to help you with your 1 year old Yorkie.

Needs of a 1 Year Old Yorkshire Terrier

A growing Yorkshire terrier can have a lot of needs, particularly centered in their lifestyle changes. Thus, knowing about their needs will allow you to have a clearer understanding about their changes in personality and needs. Here’s a list of 1 year old Yorkshire terrier needs:

Graphic image of a Yorkie and a scale and ruler with a text explaining that Yorkshire Terriers usually grow up to 7-8 inches in height
Two Yorkshire terriers caring for each other

What to Expect to a 1 Year Old Yorkshire Terrier

As Yorkshire terriers age, they become more and more active and independent with their decisions. Their bodies and needs also change with time. Thus, it is important to learn what these changes are in order to give them the proper needs and training applicable for their age.

Moreover, your Yorkshire terrier will be healthier and happier if I were to understand their changes in behavior. With that, you will have a more connected and out-going relationship with your Yorkie that will stand the test of time.

1 Year Old Yorkshire Terrier’s Physical Characteristics

There are going to be a lot of changes when it comes to your Yorkshire terriers physical characteristics. While some might be observable, these changes vary depending on your Yorkshire terrier’s actual breed size since they can come in various sizes.

Two Yorkshire terriers playing on the grass

For instance, a typical 1 year old Yorkshire terrier can weigh 3 to 7 pounds depending on their size. Since they come in various sizes, their weight can go lower to 3 pounds maximum for teacup size and higher to 8-12 pounds for large and larger than normal sizes.

This ratio fits the same for their length and height. Normal or regular size Yorkshire terriers have 7-8 inches in height when they turn into adults. On the other hand,  Teacup Yorkshire terriers can only grow between 5 to 7 inches while large and larger than normal Yorkies can grow up to 9-12 inches.

1 Year Old Yorkshire Terrier’s Personality

Yorkshire terrier’s personalities are observable even in their early months. However, these personalities can grow and highlight more when they turn 1 year old since it is their transition from young to adult dog. Here are some of the personalities that you should manifest in a 1 year old Yorkshire terrier: 

  • Independent – Yorkshire terriers are known for being independent. Thus, they can exhibit more of this trait when they are adults.
  • Intelligent – Your Yorkshire terrier will exhibit more and more of its intelligence once they become adults, especially when you have introduced them to training and mind games when they are young.
  • Fearlessness – Yorkshire terriers in the past breed as rat eradicators which give them a fearless attitude that runs through their genes.
  • Feistiness – Despite their size, adorable coat, and cute face, Yorkshire terriers are known for being feisty and active since they have the terrier genes known for their active lifestyle.
  • Cuddliness – Most Yorkshire terriers are very affectionate towards their owners. Yorkshire terriers are a good family dog which a lot of families welcome in their household, because of that, Yorkies are known for being cuddly and tolerant towards their owners and people.

Challenges in Taking Care of a 1 Year Old Yorkshire Terrier

Behind every positive personality that 1 year old Yorkshire terriers can manifest, there are also negative ones that can be quite challenging to their owners. Some of these traits are observable when they are young and are continuously developing months and months until they become adult Yorkshire terriers.

Two Yorkshire terriers resting on the grass

One of the few challenging personalities they have is their strong independence. It can characterize by disobedience when they accustom with it when they are younger.

The disobedience will highlight on leash and litter training most often. With that, owners should train their Yorkies as early as possible to dismiss this personality.

In addition, Yorkshire terriers can also suffer from excessive barking and uncontrollable energy. It can be triggered through their owner’s presence.

Doting too much on your Yorkshire terriers will make them dependent on your presence. It can give them separation anxiety whenever you’re not around.

Tips and Reminders

Here’s a bit of advice for Yorkshire terrier owners who happen to have a difficult time handling the challenging behavior of their Yorkies: patience is the key! Despite how independent your Yorkshire terriers are, they can always be trained to get used to leash and litter training, especially if you are persistent to train them.

You can entice them with treats during their training to give them rewards. It will ultimately give positive results in a matter of weeks or even days. That goes the same for their separation anxiety.

Moreover, you need to be able to let them know that you will always come back whenever you leave to lessen their worries and anxiety.


There are a lot of changes and developments that owners should expect when their Yorkshire terriers turn to 1 year old. By this time, Yorkies can grow up to 3-7 pounds in weight and 7-8 inches in height. They can also manifest a lot of personalities such as being independent, intelligent, fearlessness, feistiness, and cuddliness.